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August 8, 2016

Loved hearing the Air Force song especially with words. The ending was beautiful.

Pacific Paratrooper

WW II Towers at Gordons Pond WW II Towers at Gordons Pond

For over 70 years, a series of towers has stood on the shore of the Delaware coast. The towers were used in World War II to help defend the U.S. from enemy ships; crews kept a watch on the ocean and would have alerted the Army at Fort Miles had the enemy ever been spotted.

Three of the towers are going to be refurbished in a joint project between the Delaware Seashore Preservation Foundation, Fort Miles Historical Association, and the Delaware State Parks.

“We want to restore the towers internally and externally so that people can enjoy the history of the towers and see the vistas from the top,” said Ernie Felici, the chairman of the Delaware Seashore Preservation Foundation.

The three towers are all located along Route 1. Tower 1 is on Fenwick Island. Tower 2 is in Bethany. The third tower is…

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  1. Thank you for including this post on your site. Yes, the Air Force song was done quite well.

  2. You’re welcome. I remember when that was the sign-off for the television. Maybe they should still play the song even though the TV never goes off now.

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