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#57 💜 Hello again, my blogful friends!

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Neil Diamond sings “Hello, Again” Ooh, I love his voice. And there’s the cutest story about a four-year-old who adopts a new grandfather. I had watched that video before, but it was fun to watch again.

knitting with heart

Welcome to the KWH iPad Show 2017 banner

I love my computer because my friends live in it!


how to make a heartfelted Bramble❤tini loop ornament ||| Knitting With Heart


Hello & Welcome to my 57th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is typed to the tune of “Hello Again” by singer/songwriter Neil Diamond ❤ 

Hello again, my blogful friends
… hello 🙂

I just blogged to say, “hello” ❤
I couldn’t bear to be away,
even one more night!

And I know it’s late,
but I just couldn’t wait…

to show you my new
KWH iPad Show logo ❤

and tell you it’s been
5 years since my first post 🙂

and uhhh ohhh… nearly
2 months since my last post 😦

Hello, my blogful friends… hello 🙂
I just blogged to let you know
that I read your blog posts
every day and night

when my iPad & I are here alone
and you’re there at home…

❤ 😍 HELLO 😍 ❤

Lately knitting ‘n life’s been crAZy…
with computer tech curves
and fibrously festive Christmas

decor dancing in my head…
Yeah, maybe I’m…

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I’ve always loved Dean Martin’s singing. He was begging to be shared and I just couldn’t resist. ~ Connie

Miss Back In The Day USA


“Nel blu dipinto di blu” (Italian pronunciation: [nel ˈblu ddiˈpinto di ˈblu]; literally “In the blue that is painted blue”), popularly known as “Volare” [voˈlaːre] (meaning “flying”), is a song recorded by Italian singer-songwriter Domenico Modugno. Written by Franco Migliacci and Domenico Modugno, it was released as a single on 1 February 1958.[1]

Winning the eighth Sanremo Music Festival, the song was chosen as the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1958, where it won third place out of ten songs in total. The combined sales of all the versions of the song exceed 22 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most popular Eurovision songs of all time and the most successful Sanremo Music Festival song ever.

It spent five non-consecutive weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 in August and September 1958 and was Billboard’s number-one single for the year. Modugno’s recording subsequently became the first Grammy…

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How to Keep Married Fictional Couples Interesting Without Splitting Them Up

A Writer's Path

glasses married marriage

by Stephanie O’Brien

You’ve just spent an entire novel bringing an amazing couple together.

They’re passionate, fun and fascinating to watch, and their chemistry has fans raving about how wonderful they are.

They’re so great that you’ve decided to write a sequel starring them… but there’s just one challenge.

You went and let them get married.

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Why do bad things happen?

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Life Within Him

For me, the answer is simple, yet complicated. I didn’t always believe this way, but when truth opened my eyes, it became crystal clear.

One of the most widely asked questions across the planet is, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

When my Dad passed away in 2008, it was the one question relentlessly burning inside my heart. I wondered how a man like my Dad, a good and Godly man, could die suddenly from something we didn’t see coming when there were drunk drivers behind the wheel killing people daily.

Why would God take him from us when he was the glue that held our family together?

It wasn’t until years later I learned this truth: God had absolutely nothing to do with my Dad dying. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. He had no part in it at all.

When this revelation connected with my heart, I began to realize how…

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Anne R. Allen’s Blog…with Ruth Harris  February 5, 2017
Creative Nonfiction magazine seeks TRUE personal stories or profiles about people starting over after a failure or setback. Up to 4000 words. Paying market. $3  submission fee. Deadline: June 19, 2017
C.G. JUNG SOCIETY OF ST. LOUIS ESSAY CONTEST $10 ENTRY FEE. Theme: Memories, Dreams, and Sensualities. They are looking for personal essays that add something unique to the conversation about Jungian ideas. Winners will have the opportunity to read their essays at our conference, Jung in the Heartland: Memories, Dreams, Sensualities, October 2017. Winning essays published on the website. 1st Prize: $1,000. 2nd Prize: $500. 3rd Prize: $250. 3,500 words. Deadline: May 1, 2017.
LitMag pays up to $1000 for short stories! $250 for poetry and short-shorts. No reprints. They don’t consider work that’s previously been published either in print or online (including personal blogs.)
Write non-fiction? Impakter Magazine is looking for non-fiction articles and interviews (1000-3000 words max) in 4 verticals: Culture, Society, Style, Philanthropy. Articles about politics are also welcome but need to meet the magazine’s standard of high-quality content.  The magazine publishes daily (except week-end) and each piece attracts 10-40,000 viewers (in majority college-educated millennials). No submission fee.
Publish with the Big 5 without an agent! Forever Yours, Digital-first Romance imprint of Hachette is now taking unagented submissions, from novellas to sagas (12K words to 100K words.) No advance. 25% royalty. Professional editing, design, publicist. Print books over 50K words.
ROMANCE AUTHORS! And a list of 31 small presses that specialize in romance and do not require an agent for submissions. Also compiled by the Authors Publish Newsletter.
25 PUBLISHERS YOU CAN SUBMIT TO WITHOUT AN AGENT. These are respected, mostly independent publishing houses–vetted by the great people at Authors Publish. Do check out their newsletter.

from The Writer’s Digs by Brian Klems:
[Here are 10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Characters]

from A Writer’s Path on Facebook
How to Self-Publish on Amazon: The Beginner’s Step-By-Step Guide to Self-publishing Their First Book
by Hope Ann Ready to self-publish on Amazon? Considering self-publication on Amazon but don’t…
Flash in the Pan – Tips For Writing Flash Fiction
by Neil MacDonald I write flash fiction in the Friday Fictioneers group every week. Flash fiction is very short fiction, typically under 750 or 1,000 words. Within it, some people dis…

How to Characterize Love in Your Writing

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valentineI posted this last year, but it’s worth repeating: How do we characterize love in your writing?

Because, if you’re a writer, you must. It doesn’t have to be sex but it has to take readers that direction, right to the edge of the cliff. Yes, you can leave the lurid details out, but let readers peek over the edge.

How do you do that? Start with a few decisions:

  • Is it platonic?
  • Is it unrequited?
  • Is there conflict?
  • Is it lust disguised as love?
  • Is it serial love? Or one-of-a-kind?
  • Is it kinky or traditional?
  • Does love bring joy or sadness–or misery?
  • Is the manifestation of love baby-ish or mature–goo-goo eyes and saccharin words or Paris vacations?
  • Is love verbal or silent?
  • Is this love constructive or destructive? Flowery or brutal?
  • what part does the spiritual play in the emotion–or is it uninvolved?
  • Is it a subplot or a…

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Loved the music video! Valentine’s Day is almost over, but I just had to share this. ~ Connie

LORIEB (Lor-eee-bee)

This video is appropriate for Valentine’s Day; Enjoy!…

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