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Talk about lucky!


Patricia Johns

My friend told me about this feel good news story, and I just had to share it! Mr. Johns lost his wedding ring last winter, and we found it in any unlikely place, too… but it didn’t take us 13 years!

In 2004, Mary Grams (now 84) lost her engagement ring from 1951 in the garden. They looked and looked, but it was never found… until now!


The family still gardened that plot, and when Mary’s daughter-in-law pulled up a carrot, she found it!

Mary’s husband passed away five years ago, but she says she is still going to wear that ring, “because it still fits.” That’s a tough, Alberta farmer for you!

What were the chances?

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Faith Filled Friday: Jumping Chariots

I just love the unusual words and phrases used in the Bible. This morning I was reading Nahum; chapter 3 verse 2 said…
“The noise of a whip, and the noise of the rattling of the wheels, and of the prancing horses, and of the jumping chariots.”
As a writer, I appreciate the descriptive phrases Nahum used. His imagery is excellent. Most of us are familiar with these sounds. We’ve all heard whips whether in real life or in a movie. I can hear its crack and snap, and easily see the graceful flow of the slender leather strap as it flies through the air.
The rough wooden wheels spin around making soft clicks and clacks against the axle with its soldier waving to the cheering crowd.
The horses, used to the weight they pull, prance happily around the ring, kicking their knees up high. Because Nahum used the word “prance” I figured it was a parade, but after reading the rest of the chapter, I decided it probably wasn’t.
“Jumping chariots.” That seemed odd to me. My first image was a bouncing car like the one I saw on a television show recently. I don’t remember if those cars bounced while driving or only when parked, but I never wanted to ride in one. I can’t picture a team of horses trying to pull a chariot as it bumped up and down.
My son was nearby so I asked him what he thought. He said, “They hit a bump in the road.”
So simple. I’ll chalk it up to my brain having had only a half a cup of coffee by that time.
I think it was in the movie Ben Hur that I remember a chariot hitting a large rock and bouncing over. The chariot driver kept control and the cart did not dump him out or drag him behind in the rough dirt like other drivers in the race.
That made me think of our own lives and how we hit bumps in the road. With Jesus in our hearts, He is the Charioteer of our lives. He keeps our lives in control. The bump may be soft or hard, we may wonder if we’ll make it safely through; but we never should doubt Jesus’ love. He will get us through our troubles.


Annika Perry's Writing Blog


I got a tickle of excitement at being nominated for the Book Lover’s Tag – after all, as an avid reader and writer, there is nothing quite like a ‘chat’ about books!

Many thanks to Marje at for tagging me; as well as being a writer who recently launched her debut YA/MG fantasy book ‘The Curse of Time’, Marje is busy on her blog reviewing books and running the writers support group she set up called the Authors/Bloggers Rainbow Support Club.

To the questions:

1.Do you have a specific place for reading?

cosy bed:bookNot at all…if I could only read in one place I’d barely finish a book! A book with breakfast is a treat, reading a chapter whilst at the doctor’s surgery happily passes the time. There is only so much scenery I can gawp at whilst on the train before out pops my kindle and I become engrossed in…

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Terd 9/13 – “Grammurder”

Source: Terd 9/13 – “Grammurder”

When A Solider Cries (Video)

After you watch this I think you’ll understand why I chose this for a Faith Filled Friday blog. It is beautifully done.

Life Within Him

I wrote When A Soldier Cries back in 2013. I’ve been wanting to put a video together and finally got it completed. Hope you enjoy.

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Writing Humor with a Side of Literary Agents

I’m combining two topics since neither one is very long. I thoroughly enjoyed the humor from AutoCrit and I hope you will too. The writer in me insisted on including the line editing and red herring articles. The agents were in my email today; can’t get any more current than that!  ~ Connie

Let it never be said that, here at AutoCrit, we don’t know how to have fun. Since memes are all the rage online these days, we figured we’d start your week off with a chuckle. Here are 12 writing memes to brighten up your Monday – feel free to save them and share them with […]

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Lean and Mean: Extreme Line Editing!

3 More Literary Agents
Many writers know literary agents are the gatekeepers of book publishing, especially when it comes to getting a deal with the more recognized presses. However, few writers realize reputable agents don’t get paid until their clients get paid. And that’s why hooking an agent can be so difficult: They have to buy in to your book concept 110%. After all, they’re taking a leap of faith on your success.
Kimberly Cameron & Associates represents fiction and nonfiction. For fiction, they’re looking for commercial, fantasy, historical, literary, mystery, romance, science fiction, thriller, women’s, and young adult. In nonfiction, it’s animals, environment, health, memoirs, science, spirituality, travel, true crime, and narrative nonfiction. The agency says, “We are looking for a unique and heartfelt voice that conveys a universal truth.” Potential authors should query via online submission form.
Harvey Klinger, Inc. also represents fiction and nonfiction. For fiction, they’ll consider action, adventure, commercial, contemporary issues, crime, detective, erotica, family saga, fantasy, gay, glitz, historical, horror, juvenile, lesbian, literary, mainstream, middle grade, mystery, new adult, police, romance, suspense, thriller, women’s, and young adult. In nonfiction, it’s autobiography, biography, business, child guidance, cooking, crafts, creative nonfiction, cultural interests, current affairs, diet/nutrition, foods, gay/lesbian, health, history, how-to, investigative, literature, medicine, memoirs, money, music, popular culture, psychology, science, self-help, sociology, spirituality, sports, technology, true crime, women’s issues, women’s studies, and young adult. The agency says, “We are looking for a unique and heartfelt voice that conveys a universal truth.” Potential authors should query only one agent via e-mail.
The Sagalyn Agency represents nonfiction exclusively. In fact, they specialize in biography, business, creative nonfiction, economics, popular culture, science, and technology. The agents say, “We receive 1,000-1,200 queries a year, which in turn lead to 2 or 3 new clients. See our website for sales information and recent projects.” Potential authors can query via e-mail.




These pieces were so original I just had to share them. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite.

Annika Perry's Writing Blog

20170901_125523 (2)

Whimsy met fantasy, nature recreated by man stood next to the absurd, the beautiful rested close to the ethereal celebration of family. A journey of discovery ensued as I visited the Gardens and Arboretum of Marks Hall which hosted over 300 sculptures from across the UK. For once such a magnificent exhibition was near to me and with a childish delight of the unknown, I set off to explore…and found the most wonderfully surprising, original, colourful and creative work imaginable. It felt an honour to feast my eyes upon these sculptures and I left a few hours later in awe of the artists and inspired by the collective creative energy.


The plaque accompanying this magnificent statue was written by the designer, Stephen Charlton and is a testament to his desire to share joy and happiness with the viewer through his work.


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