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You know her, right?

Maybe I should have saved this for Friday’s blog, but it’s just too funny.

Patricia Johns

This is for my Love Inspired readers… or really anybody who has a church lady in their life. You know her, too, right? 😉

This is a comedian’s take on “the lady who has a Bible verse for everything.” I laughed and laughed!

Have a lovely day, everyone!

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The 40-Year Old Toilet

We’ve lived in this old house roughly 25 years and the same toilet has worked all this time. It was the standard issue and in very good condition. Naturally, the seat needed to be replaced about a half dozen times, but the toilet itself provided uninterrupted service until a few weeks ago.
I went to flush it and happened to notice a dark green cap at the bottom just barely peeking out. My fingers were ready to push the flush lever and my brain’s signal did not reach them in time to stop. Whatever it was got flushed.
Figuring it was small enough to go through, I thought nothing more about it. A few days later the toilet started plugging up. I told my husband what I saw, but nothing he did made a difference. We figured a small cap would work its way down the drain.
Oddly, none of the bottles in the bathroom were missing a green cap, or any cap for that matter.
The blockage persisted. Most of the time the water rose to the top of the bowl just below the ridge, but several times it overflowed making a huge mess. Yesterday my husband finally called the plumber. Billy showed up and tried snaking it. His was longer than the one my husband had, but still would not go past the blockage in the S bend.
Billy returned this morning with reinforcements and a new toilet. Dave and Billy wore crisp white shirts which surprised me for the work they do. I expected gray, blue, or even beige. I didn’t ask, but I was curious about how often they changed shirts to keep them looking white and crisp throughout the day. When I worked in a white nurse’s uniform by the end of my shift there would be IV fluids, blood, vomit, or some other grimy mess splashed on it.
When they arrived this morning I asked if they would give me a minute to clean the floor around the toilet after they took out the old one. Billy cleaned around the hole for the toilet then he did the whole corner. He did it a lot faster and better than I would have done. I thanked him for being so sweet. It’s was a tight spot and hard for me to clean around it.
I was floored how much grease and dust was on the wall behind the tank! I’ve never seen that area before and never realized how bad it could get. Billy thought our toilet was 40 years old. That gives dirt a long time to build up!
The new toilet is a few inches taller than the old one. I’d been thinking about getting a higher one, but it was not that urgent. With this Myasthenia Gravis I have trouble getting up from a low surface like a low chair or when I sit on steps. The tank looks smaller so maybe we’ll save a bit on water also.
It did not take long for Billy and Dave to install the toilet and clean up their mess. Billy told me he was going to break the toilet apart later and see what was causing the blockage. As promised, he called back to let me know that a can lid was the culprit! There was no green on it like I saw. I repeated what he said to make sure I understood him. He said it was a lid from a metal can like peas or corn! Billy added that he didn’t see how it got that far and must have been at the perfect angle when it was first flushed.
Neither my husband nor I could understand how a can lid got into the toilet nor how it managed to get as far as it did.
I highly recommend Mathis Plumbing if you need a plumber.
Plumber | Mathis Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc | Greenwood, SC
Family-run business serving the Lakelands area. Includes company profile, description of services, specials, and location map.

The Fifth Wee Season

Occasionally When I wake up in the night I’ll do some writing. It’s almost funny how writing has become such an important part of my life since retiring.

Life Unscripted

night_owl6hxdetail1What do you do when you wake up in the middle of the night?  Do you lie awake trying to go back to sleep?  Or are you one of those night owls who can’t go to sleep early and stays awake until the wee hours?

I have never been one to stay awake late into the night.  Night is meant for sleeping and I used to do quite well at that.  By nine in the evening I’m getting ready to at least be heading to the bedroom. I put a piece of paper If I’m awake at ten or eleven that’s the exception rather than the rule.

Lately two or three o’clock roll around and I’m not only awake I’m WIDE awake.  Finding a place to BE AWAKE in a 40 foot long RV while your partner is ASLEEP is a good challenge!

I ’ve always been that guy who wakes up going full speed ahead.  (Well 

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It is not hidden on me; it’s revealed in plump hips and thighs!

All About Healthy Choices

Publication9CROPPED400The World Health Organization (WHO) provided a document supplied by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) entitled, “Consumption of Added Sugars Among U.S. Adults, 2005–2010.” In this document, it was determined that the maximum daily consumption of added sugar should not exceed:

25 grams or 6 teaspoons per day.

(REFERENCE: Consumption of Added Sugars Among U.S. Adults, 2005–2010)

As of 2014, The American Heart Association claimed the average American consumed approximately

20 teaspoons of sugar daily.

(REFERENCE: American Heart Association: Daily Sugar Consumption as of 2014)

Added sugar in our foods certainly goes by many different names including: white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, high fructose corn syrup, malt syrup, maple syrup, pancake syrup, fructose sweetener, liquid fructose, honey, molasses, anhydrous dextrose, crystal dextrose, and dextrin. This is where the “HIDDEN NAME” originated!

Blaming manufacturers…

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Host A Solar Eclipse Party

Reblog from: Just a Pinch Recipes By Kitchen Crew   8/6/17

On Monday, August 21, 2017, something spectacular is going to happen in the United States – a total solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and Earth and completely blocks the sun. While there are eclipses across the world all the time, a complete solar eclipse was last visible in the United States in 1979. The last time a solar eclipse traveled the entire country was 1918.
People are pretty psyched for this. In fact, hotel rooms in the cities where the eclipse will be fully in view have been booked for over a year. Crazy! Many schools and companies will be closing for the eclipse, so why not gather friends and throw a party.
Treats and Tunes
• Serve goodies like Moon Pies, Starbursts or Milky Way bars to incorporate the space theme.
• Use a cookie cutter and cut fruit, like watermelon, into star shapes. Or, use different size circle cookie cutters to cut the fruit. The varying sizes will symbolize the different sizes of the planets.
• Make a playlist with fun space themed songs. Some Ideas are David Bowie’s Space Oddity, R.E.M.’s Man on the Moon, The Police’s Walking on the Moon, Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon, Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart, Madonna’s Lucky Star, Train’s Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) and Europe’s The Final Countdown.
Prime Viewing Cities
You’ll be able to witness a partial eclipse, pretty much anywhere in the US. But to view a total eclipse, you’ll need to be in one of these states: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North and South Carolina.
The eclipse will begin in Lincoln Beach, OR at 9:05 a.m. PDT. The total eclipse will happen there at about 10:16 a.m. From that point, it will cut across America ending in Charleston, SC at about 2:48 p.m EDT. If you want to know when the eclipse will be coming through your city, take a look at this solar eclipse time and date tracker.
Not in the path of the eclipse? Don’t fret, you can get in on the action too. The eclipse will be viewed the longest (2 minutes 41 seconds) just south of Carbondale, IL. NASA is going to be live streaming the event from Saluki Stadium at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
Solar Eclipse Glasses
It’s never safe to look directly at the sun, so have Solar Eclipse Glasses for family and friends. These glasses have a special solar filter on them and will allow guests to safely look at the partially eclipsed sun. Once the sun is totally eclipsed, you will want to briefly remove the glasses to view the eclipse.
Science Crafts for Kids
The eclipse is a great way to teach kids about science and the planets. Pinterest has a bunch of solar eclipse craft projects kids will love. Here are a few of our favorites.
Coffee Filter Solar Eclipse Craft
Pinhole Projector
Solar System Word Search
Solar System Hats

Ways to Have a Quiet Time without Quiet or Time

This is my Faith Filled Friday blog. I agree with needing quiet time. Jesus took a lot of time by himself. Enjoy and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. ~ Connie

Heather C. King - Room to Breathe

“You dropped your head.”

That’s what he tells me as we leave church.  He points to a spot on the floor with this twinkle in his eye, just waiting for me to fall for the joke he’s played on me many times before.

He gets us all the time.  “Your shoes untied,” when you’re wearing ballet flats without laces.  “You dropped your head” and people look to see if their head actually is rolling around on the floor, abandoned.

But I don’t even move my eyes. I just lean right over to him, pat him on the arm, and say, “You know what, I probably did.  I probably did drop my head.”

Some days, you know?

Some days maybe you feel like you’ve been running around without any command center on top of your shoulders to help you hold it all together.

You feel a little famished, starving for time…

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How Many Mouse Clicks to Lose One Pound?

I loved this article! Wouldn’t typing add to the calorie burn? ~ Connie

This Is How Many Mouse Clicks It Takes to Burn a Calorie

About 10 years ago, you could walk into any given generic office building and simply see a sea of cubicles. If you walked into the same office building in 2015, you’d witness an uprising, a revolution, a series of workers who probably jumped head first into the standing desk craze. Although the overall benefits of the standing desk are a bit dubious, they do have a clear caloric benefit: standing for one hour will burn 50 calories.
But for those seeking to maximize their workplace workout while remaining within the confines of their cubic castle, what’s the best bet? Incorporating some sort of mouse-clicking CrossFit isn’t going to do the trick, according to Wired.
Rhett Allen took care of the back-of-envelope math to get a rough estimate of how many calories one can burn while clicking away. And as it turns out, the task is Herculean. In order to burn just one calorie, someone would have to click their mouse 10 million times, or 10 times every second for 11 and a half days.
The rationale for the bit of research came from Rhett’s daughter’s suggestion that one click would burn one calorie. Much like the concept of negative calorie foods, we know that now to be patently false.
So how is one supposed to burn calories while remaining entirely sedentary, then? Maybe try one of these workouts do you can do while sitting at your desk. It’s not a simple as a flick of the wrist or a click of a mouse, but it’s a start.
Robots are going to replace everyone at work anyway, so don’t sweat too much extra effort on developing that desk regimen.

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