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12 days of Clink Street Christmas Event: Enemy Series Intro & Review – Rob Sinclair

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I’ve not read any of these, but they sound good. There are links in this article which sends you to more in the series. I had planned for my Dana books to be a series and this would be a good idea to use with that. As slow as I write, I’m beginning to believe I’m going to be a one-book-wonder. ~ Connie

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Today i’m very  happy to bring you my review of Dance With The Enemy by Rob Sinclair and also a little intro to the series which Rob has kindly written for us.

First off i must say I’ve heard many a good things said about this author by fellow bloggers. I’ve actually had the three books in the series for a little while already so when i heard he would be taking part in the Clink Street Christmas event it was an easy decision for me to pick him as someone i’d like to feature . Word of mouth speaks a lot to me and with so many good comments i just had to buy the series and i’m very glad that I’ve had the time to read/review the first book in the series.

I’ll pass you over to Rob to give you an intro then you can read my…

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Concoct your own healthy smoothie

LORIEB (Lor-eee-bee)

I try to make a healthy smoothie every morning.  I used to make them for my sonswhen they were young, now I make them for myself for a quick, nutritious start to my day.

These smoothies contain…

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“Jardin d’hiver – Keren Ann”

Keren Ann Zeidel (Hebrew: קרן אן זיידל‎‎ born 10 March 1974 in Caesarea, Israel), known professionally as Keren Ann, is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and engineer based largely in Pari…

Source: “Jardin d’hiver – Keren Ann”

Book Quote Corner #40

I loved this and just had to share it, but I think this makes 3 posts for today. Sorry. ~ Connie

A Writer's Path

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Beauty that is earned

Patricia Johns

My grandmother died in her fifties, so I never did see what she’d look like as an old woman. My mother is sixty this year (yes, she had me young!), so she isn’t exactly elderly yet, either. And I am the spitting image of both my mother and grandmother. Those were some strong genes… But I have no idea what these genes look like in their 70’s or 80’s. I don’t know why this has become such a preoccupation with me, but it has. I wish I knew!

As a result, I’m intrigued by how people age. Take Helen Mirren, for example:


Helen Mirren is more beautiful today (in my opinion) than she was in her youth.

Take Judi Dench:


She’s the same.

Youth IS beautiful–it always has been. But there is a different kind of beauty that shines from deeper down in more mature women that makes me stop…

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Indianaeddy-" The Human nature of male Dogs"


This picture was taken on the island of Guam.

The men you see make up two machine gun squads. Every man in this picture was either killed or wounded before World Two ended, except for the small muscular man on the left. He was the squad leader. He was my father.

Each squad was made up of seven men. There are thirteen men in the picture. The fourteenth man was taking the picture. He was also the squad leader of six of these men. These two squads worked closely together on Guam. That is evident in their body posture.

The night before they set an ambush at an advantageous spot on Harmon Road. The Japanese that had not yet been killed, captured, or surrendered, were completely surrounded and out numbered. The Marines knew some of them would try to break through during the upcoming night. That’s what they would have…

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Writing a Series Vs. Writing a Novel

A Writer's Path


by Lindsey Richardson

I am finally writing the post I’ve been wanting to write ever since I first started Clara and Claire. For those of you who are planning to write either, I’m hoping this can be helpful. There’s a lot of different ways I thought of tackling this, and mind you I’m going to include a lot of personal experience with this too. I think that’s a big part of writing. There’s no right way of doing something, but everyone’s experience varies.

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