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Hey Mom, Thanks a lot


This is late for Mother’s Day, but it truly needed to be shared!

Originally posted on Ben's Bitter Blog:

Hey Mom, I got you something.  Hey Mom, I got you something.

Hey Mom, thanks a lot for enduring all that bitter pain for 9 months, just so you would have to endure even more pain for another 42 years(and counting).  You’d think that you could at least muster up a grimace, a mean word or even a bitter thought about me.  How is a guy supposed to be bitter about having such a good mother?

Hey Mom, thanks a lot for keeping me alive by making me breakfast, packing my lunch and cooking dinner.  How is a guy supposed to be bitter when he is well fed all the time?

Hey Mom, thanks a lot for always keeping my room clean, making my bed every day, and washing and folding my clothes all the time.  How is a guy supposed to be bitter when his room and life is all organized?

Hey Mom, thanks a…

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Hot Mess Friday Giftures



Originally posted on Ben's Bitter Blog:

It’s been a Beastie Boy kind of week.  I’ve been sabotaged all the way up one side and down the other.  My car dashboard kept lighting up on my way to work and of course I did what you always do when you get a light.  I ignored it.  On Thursday, I finally asked someone to tell me what it meant and they said, “You’re supposed to fill it up with gas.”  Why again? I thought cars ran on sunshine and we got a sunny day earlier in the week. Then I got in a fight with a guy named Chuck Norris, and someone told me that Chuck Norris doesn’t die, death Chuck Norrisses. Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that’s why there are no signs of life.  And one more thing, death once had a near-Chuck Norris experience.  Let’s just say, I’m a little sore.  And by a little…

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Amazing and so beautiful!

Originally posted on BEADS ACADEMY:

Inspired by Stained Glass

Like any journey, my journey has ups and downs. There are days when I feel very creative, the ideas just flow and days when, as hard as I might try, the result is not satisfying. I have learned that you cannot control creativity. Trying to control it makes things more difficult (at least for me). So all I have to do is to wait for the next moment when I am inspired to create and I feel from the beginning that from all the ideas I might have, one particular idea is the one I was looking for.

Materials and tools used for this project: white Fimo Professional Polymer Clay, a toothpick, a carving tool, a screw, Pinata alcohol inks, triple thick glossy varnish, Marabu Relief Paste for glass, an aluminium can.

I have conditioned the clay, made a large ball, flattened it a little and put it through the pasta machine through…

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Summer’s coming!!

With it comes weddings, beaches, and all around stupidity.
Here are some links that you might find helpful to prevent any epic fails on your part.

Epic Sunburns

People Who Are About To Be Seriously Injured

Men’s Hairstyles From The 90s You Tried To Forget

Super Funny Wedding Photos



In the brief story below 21 books of the Bible are hidden amongst the words. I’ve given you a big hint by typing all the names of the books below. This was given to my class for a fun assignment. The split words were the trickiest. Three of us old ladies worked together to come up with all of them. Never fear–I’ll post the answer later. I want you to have fun now!

If this little puzzle gets you to think about the Bible, it will have hit its mark. It’s a lulu. Keeps numbers of people searching for hours. There are no little Bible facts here, just the names of books. After looking so hard, it may come as a revelation to you just how many Bible books you don’t know.

You may be in a jam, especially since the truth of the matter is that the books are not capitalized and parts of some may appear in more than one word. Finding them is a real job.

Be careful. A beggar in Seattle was robbed while working on this puzzle. The poor chaps alms were stolen while he wasn’t looking. Ahab Akkuk, a Cairo man, says the puzzle isn’t fair to Arabs since it contains no books from the Koran.

Yes, it will be a most fascinating puzzle for you, and yes, there will be some hard ones to spot. Even judges have trouble. I admit it usually takes a minister to find some of them, and loud lamentations are often heard when the easy ones slip by us. My friend Jon, ah, well, to put it mildly was very frustrated.

One lady says she brews a cup of tea to help her concentrate. You’ll want to keep this puzzle if you finish it. My cousin Gene’s is framed and on the living room wall. See how well you can compete. Relax and see if you can find all twenty-one books.

One preacher found 19 books in 20 minutes but it took him 3 weeks to find the very last one.

Genesis    Exodus        Leviticus    Numbers    Deuteronomy    Joshua
Judges        Ruth    Samuel         Kings         Chronicles    Ezra    Nehemiah
Esther        Job    Psalms        Proverbs    Ecclesiastes    Isaiah    Song of Solomon
Jeremiah    Lamentations    Ezekiel        Daniel       Hosea    Joel    Amos
Obadiah    Jonah        Micah    Nahum        Habakkuk    Zephaniah
Haggai        Zechariah    Malachi        Matthew    Mark    Luke     John    Acts
Romans    Corinthians    Galatians    Ephesians    Philippians     Colossians
Thessalonians        Timothy        Titus        Philemon         Hebrews     James
Peter         Jude        Revelation


Most writers complain of writer’s block. I’ve got book block. A Glimmer of Love is being edited, so I have time to work on another one. My problem is which one. I’ve switched to the Christian series so everything I have started needs to be adjusted for that. That’s not the problem.

I have 7 books that are started enough that any one of them should be easy to finish, but I can’t decide on one! There’s another dozen titles with notes jotted about them and roughly two dozen more book ideas that are barely a paragraph of thoughts.

Too Dangerous to Know was one I started roughly 20 years ago. I put my writing career on hold because job and family seemed to take all my time. I worked 3-11 or 11-7 which was not conducive to writing. This book is about Rachel, a nurse who finds a man shot in the parking garage elevator. It’s set in Pittsburgh. He manages to slip a code into her bag while she’s trying to call for help. Then the bad guys come after her thinking he might have given her the info. Bad things start happening to her and she doesn’t realize she has anything of value and worst of all, she doesn’t know whom to trust.

Triple Trouble in Texas is a complicated idea. Mitch inherits some property from his aunt and uncle and goes to Texas to check it out. His aunt had told him she was going to give her sapphire ring to the woman she thought would make a good wife for him. Mitch sees the ring on a woman, but doesn’t like her. He doesn’t know she stole the ring after hearing how Jessie got it. Of course, he gets stuck in a storm cellar with Jessie and they have sex resulting in triplets. Mitch went back to NY and knew nothing about their birth. He returns years later and recognizes a birthmark which runs in his family so he knows the girls are his. This book will not fit in the Christian series because of the sex. I wasn’t going to describe it, but according to their rules it’s a no-no to even think it.

Cooper’s Mountain is another new one. I’m using my experiences with epilepsy to create problems for my character. She has epilepsy, but is not aware of it. Her family is super wealthy and they own the mountain. A small plan crashes into the mountain, sparing her cabin. It’s more romance than anything else.

Jordan’s Justice I worked on while I wrote A Glimmer of Love. Jordan is a 6’1” model who also has a degree in computer science. She is wealthy and travels a lot, but loves to be a home-body. She dated a guy for a few weeks and decided he was not for her. He didn’t like that and started harassing her. He’s wealthy, but you’d never know it. She installed firewalls on her computer, changed jobs, moved; but he still kept after her. The police don’t see anything threatening in the emails like she does. He finally beats her up. She makes a plan, removes her emergency money stash, and heads out of town. She jumps all over the country so he won’t trail her, ending up in Texas. She gets an office job because she likes to work, but she’s also afraid to use her bank and get found out. Josh is her boss and there’s a connection, but she is reluctant to get involved. One of the other office workers gets jealous of the mutual attraction she sees and causes discord between Jordan and Josh. Jordan’s apartment building catches fire and her rescue of the little girl upstairs gets national attention. Her stalker’s back. She spends Thanksgiving at Josh’s ranch where she’ll be safe. I don’t have a strong ending.

Dana Morgan Series should be next, but I can’t seem to get excited about any of them. Dana’s Dilemma was the first in the series and my first published novel. I have about six more, mainly just ideas at this point, to complete the series. Several people that read it said they were looking forward to the next one. Here it is, 4 years later and nothing.

Ritt… Series is my children’s fantasy. I’m not giving you the whole name on purpose. I have a ton of animal characters in mind and a handful of children. The brother and sister are primary. chapters 1-3 are written. I have a friend at church whose kids are going to read it for me.

Lastly, A Pinch of Sweetness, A Slice of Murder is a mystery/romance. It was the only one originally planned for the Christian series. I try to keep my titles short, but this seems perfect. The sweetness for cooking; and murder for the attempt. This story is loosely based on my experiences as a nurse. It combines a few things that have happened over my 40 years into a job at a nursing home. Everyone likes Sheridan; she’s a great nurse. Of course, there’s the one RN who’s jealous of the attention the new doctor gives Sheridan and has to put a wedge between them. Sheridan likes the doctor, but only as friends. She meets the new doc in physical therapy and sparks fly. Jeanine does try to knife Sheridan one dark night, but was not successful. I’m in a quandary about killing the person, but hated to have the title–A Slice of Attempted Murder. Really? This book is going to include a few recipes. I thought I was being unique, but since I came up with that idea; I’ve read two other books that did it. Oh, well. My original plan was to have Sheridan and the MD fall in love then I met Troy at Chili’s. Talk about a gorgeous hunk! I’d go to PT everyday just to look at him. Mind you, I’m an old lady, but I still appreciate a fine specimen of male. Anyway, the real Troy is studying PT and has two years left for his Masters. I figured this would be the perfect book to put him in.

So, those are my choices. I guess there’s always the choice of starting a brand new novel not in the queue. I’ve decided to pray about it. Kind of dumb to do that now after dithering about it for over a month. If I’m writing the book the Lord wants, it should go smoother. Right?

When I looked into my files to see which book sounded right, I was surprised to see so many notes from my friends. It feels good to have so much support for my writing. It also was fun to look at my titles: David’s Dolphin; Not Forgotten; The Hire; The Three ‘S’ Ranch; Accidental Love; Myra’s Murder; Myra’s Mystery; Black Rook; Guilty Bystander; The Stranger’s Kiss…

Inspiration Point

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