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Boat and River Watching

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In Morgantown, my grandmother’s house sat on a hill above the river. I used to love hearing the haunting sound of the boat whistle.

Originally posted on Life Unscripted:

I’m sure there are folks who wonder just why we like these Corps of Engineers campgrounds on the Mississippi River.  Well, let me take a few moments to give you some ideas. After spending a few years as an over the road driver the idea that a standard 15 barge tow can haul as much freight as 1000 semi trailers just boggles my mind.  So I like seeing the different kinds of tows, barges, combinations and processes.2015071317233612

The information I’m going to share (and I’m only going to talk about the smallest amount of what’s out there) is available online all the time, from anywhere in the world.  Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.07.44 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.06.38 PMBut the idea that we can be sitting alongside the river and be able to see what ships are moving, where, and when is almost an obsession.

And you can not only find out about the freight/barges, you can also get…

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Joy in the Journey


Delightful story.

Originally posted on Morning Story and Dilbert:

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
July 29, 1998

If you have ever been discouraged because of failure, please read on.

For often, achieving what you set out to do is not the important thing. Let me explain.

Two brothers decided to dig a deep hole behind their house. As they were working, a couple of older boys stopped by to watch.

“What are you doing?” asked one of the visitors.

“We plan to dig a hole all the way through the earth!” one of the brothers volunteered excitedly.

The older boys began to laugh, telling the younger ones that digging a hole all the way through the earth was impossible.

After a long silence, one of the diggers picked up a jar full of spiders, worms and a wide assortment of insects. He removed the lid and showed the wonderful contents to the scoffing visitors.

Then he said quietly and confidently, “Even if…

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7 Tips to Avoid Email Phishing

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Originally posted on WordDreams...:

hacking‘Phishing’ is an attempt to steal your personal information by posing as a trusted source (a friend, your bank–like that). Kaspersky reports that spam accounted for 66% of email last year. Of that number, phishing tripled. Why? Because it works. This is not to be taken lightly. Best case, it can shut your email down while you clear the problem. Worst case, you can lose your identity, your income, and your peace of mind. Here are some hints:

  • don’t blindly trust your virus protection. It can only keep you safe from known problems. Softpedia reports that new malware designed to infect Android devices appears every 17 seconds. I wonder how many there are for iPhones, Windows-based devices, Macs?
  • don’t open attachments to unexpected emails–especially from strangers. Every attachment has the potential to include malware or Trojans that silently burrow into your computer’s data and send it back to its…

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10 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs Her Daddy

Originally posted on Morning Story and Dilbert:

Morning Sry and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
December 14, 1993

If you are anything like me, you have had the privilege of growing up with the world’s best dad. There is nothing quite like the love of a father, and there aren’t enough words to describe it. Let’s face it, ladies; we need our daddies, and here is why.

1. They treat us like the princesses we are. Our dads know exactly how our significant other should be treating us, and if that isn’t happening, Daddy becomes the knight in shining armor. After all, he is the first man we ever love and the first to love us back.

2. It does not matter if you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere or need someone to carry you out of the haunted house; Dad is the ultimate definition of protection. We all remember the nightmares and immediately running down the hall just…

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Santa’s Secret Wish…


This is not the right season, but this is such a sweet poem.

Originally posted on Morning Story and Dilbert:

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
July 29, 2004

On Christmas Eve, a young boy with light in his eyes,
Looked deep into Santa’s, to Santa’s surprise;
And said as he sat on Santa’s broad knee,
“I want your secret. Tell it to me.”

He leaned up and whispered in Santa’s good ear,
“How do you do it year after year?”
“I want to know how, as you travel about,
Giving gifts here and there, you never run out.

How is it Dear Santa, that in your pack of toys,
You have plenty for all of the world’s girls and boys?
Stays so full, never empties, as you make your way…
From rooftop to rooftop, to homes large and small,
From nation to nation, reaching them all?”

And Santa smiled kindly and said to the boy,
“Don’t ask me hard questions. Don’t you want a toy?”
But the child shook his head, and Santa…

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The Possibility of Friendship

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Originally posted on Life Unscripted:

I have to say I’ve been a little bit upset lately.  The current round of pre-presidential-election-nominations, and the consequential politicking have been making me sick to my stomach. When I was young I was very proud of this nation.

I wish I was still as proud as I used to be.

Lately, it seems as if the barbarians have taken control and all they have done is turn up the volume on rancor without fixing anything.  This is True

The one thing travel has done for me is to show me that there are multiple ways of living which are equally valid.  They are not the SAME as ours, but they are certainly capable of sustaining high levels of civilization for longer periods than we have even been a nation. And what gives us the right to impose our arrogance on them — other than a national greed that seems to know no bounds.  …

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Marking Your RV Territory

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Originally posted on Life Unscripted:

2015070822103910 I know they are lousy photographs, but looking across a campground at night is likely to show you a bunch of illuminated squares on the ground.

2015070822105012 Here’s another set of string lights, surrounding not only the trailer but also the entire pad on the site.

On some level all mammals are ‘animals’ – humans included.  Right?  So it shouldn’t be surprising if we manifest some ‘animalistic’ traits.  Right?

How about marking your territory?  Last night I happened to be awake in the middle of the night and I was struck by the number of RV’s (in this case trailers mostly) that make a ritual of marking their territory.

Peggy loves to watch people setting up their campsite.  I like to notice them too, I just don’t notice the activity while it’s going on, I tend to notice it after they’re all done.  But a lot of campers have a ritual…

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