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Faith Filled Friday: Bits and Thoughts about the Bible

The giant in front of you is never bigger than the God inside you!

The first cordless phone was created by God, he called it Prayer. It never loses its signal and you never have to recharge it. You can use it anywhere and anytime.

Kindness is free. Sprinkle it everywhere.

Worry is a conversation you have with yourself about things you cannot change.
Prayer is a conversation you have with God about things He can change.

Hymn Title sign on Facebook:
I still Believe
in Amazing Grace
that there’s Power in the Blood,
that He Walks with Me,
and that He Talks with Me
Because He Lives
I can face tomorrow
all because of
The Old Rugged Cross.

Facts about the Bible:
“Follow me” Jesus said more times than anything else.
Man is born with knowledge of God. Romans 1:21-23
SHEEP are mentioned 186 times in the Bible—more than any other animal.
Longest chapter is Psalm 119 (176 verses)
Two books are named for women: Ruth and Esther.
There are 40 different authors.

These two facts are from December, 2010 and may be invalid by now:
Most stolen book is the Bible.
Most stolen product is anointing oil.

Blocking out the WordPress future… and it’s Gutenberg

I’m not a geek by any stretch of the imagination. There are times I wish I were.

Matthew Wright

I took the plunge a couple of weeks back and dived in to the new WordPress block-editor, which they’ve called Gutenberg, after Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg (1400 – 1468) who invented the printing press for the west. This post is written using the new system.

I didn’t do this lightly. My main irritation with software is the way that developers keep chopping and changing established systems, at times purely – it seems – because of the commercial need to present novelty, an issue that reflects not just money but also market share and attention. Familiar ways of doing things get thrown aside and users are forced into learning curves that stifle productivity.

Another gripe is the way that we’re slaves to whatever parameters and capabilities the corporate masters of the programmers deem we should have; we work in the way focus-groups and social engineers insist we must, or…

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You know you’re not going to make it, right?

Never quit. I’ve been told I’m a good writer, but I’m afraid to put it out there. I’m putting together a collection of short stories and I am hoping for the best with it. I don’t want to self-publish another book. Even at my age, I’m taking the advice of a good friend and not quitting.

Meg Sorick, Author/Artist

A writer’s life…

I’ve got a five year plan.

Lately, I’ve become more and more realistic about writing and publishing in this brave new world of authorship. I read a great deal about the self-publishing world and the immense effort it takes for an indie author to stay afloat in this vast sea of writers and self publishers. I watch my fellow writers blog about their Amazon marketing strategies, their Twitter blitzes, their visits to independent bookshops, courting their email subscribers, and writing up monthly or biweekly newsletters. Imagine all the time and energy that takes and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Frankly, it’s discouraging. Gone are the days when a writer could concentrate on their craft. Poring over their manuscripts by the light of a candle or an oil lamp, gaslight, even. I want to be F. Scott Fitzgerald banging away on the typewriter at the beach…

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My Pity Party and God’s Grace

This morning I dropped a few chunks of dried bread into the food processor and hit the “ON” button to make bread crumbs. Normally I use the pulse button which would have been better with what happened next.
The machine roared loudly and jumped up about an inch above the counter. The loud noise and unexpected jump startled me. The medication for Myasthenia Gravis seems to enhance my startle reflex, and not always in a good way. I jumped and became confused for a few seconds. I could not remember how to shut off the monster. Now mind you, there are only three buttons – ON – OFF – PULSE – and in that order. I thought my guardian angel whispered Hit Off, so I did.
Then The Reaction set in. I don’t know if it’s an adrenaline let down or what, but anytime I am startled I get short of breath, dizzy and weak. A glass of ice water rejuvenates me nicely. Again, I blame it on the MG just because I can.
While I got a glass of water I had my own pity party. I had been feeling weaker than normal since Saturday. I went to breakfast with my friend Rebecca, hoping some food would help. It didn’t but at least I had a nice time. I skipped church on Sunday even though I felt a little better, I wasn’t sure about driving. It’s only 3 miles but my pressure on the gas pedal on Saturday felt a little weaker than it had been. The neuro test said my leg was fine but I’m not comfortable driving any more.
I know what happens with the progression of myasthenia gravis and that eventually I’ll need a wheelchair to get around. I’m not ready for that yet. Truthfully, I don’t know that I ever will be. I’ve been a helper all my life. I’m not used to needing help.
Add to that my annoyance with feeling useless after such a stupid thing as a loud noise and an unexpected motion, so I felt I deserved a few minutes of a pity party. I was alone. Jack was at the eye doctor for his pre-op cataract eye exam and my son wasn’t up yet.
Hugging my glass of water against my chest, I made my way from the kitchen to my chair. I could not carry the glass in my hand because it was still shaking too much. I sat in the recliner and kicked my feet up. I had a few swallows of water then opened my Bible. I didn’t know how well I could read with my crying, but I wanted some comfort from God.
I thought about reading in Psalms, but just opened it at a random spot. The verse was already highlighted so it caught my attention:
But by the grace of God I am what I am and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; 1 Corinthians 15:10a. My tears stopped and I started laughing by the time I read the second I am. I finished reading the whole verse but it was the first part that spoke the loudest to me and gave me the comfort I wanted.
I trust God and sometimes wonder if he doesn’t get a good chuckle with some of what I go through. Most of my friends are used to it by now and are very understanding. My husband and son know exactly what to do when I have The Reaction. It often takes my voice away so they’ve learned the sign for water. Now they don’t have to ask; they get me a glass of ice water as soon as they help me to a chair. It’s cute when they double-team me – one helps me to the chair and the other gets the water.
When Jack got home I told him what happened. He tried it and the darn thing jumped at him too! Usually when I tell him about a problem appliance and he tries it, the appliance works just fine. He finished making the bread crumbs. It’s going to be awhile before I use the food processor again.
Thanks for listening to my rant, but I’ve got to get busy. I’ve got to write my Pigs and Apes story so it will be ready for Friday morning Bible Study class.

Is Writer’s Block A Real Thing

A Writer's Path

by Allison Maruska

I saw an interesting quote on Facebook this morning.

“Some days you don’t feel like doing your job. But there is no ‘teacher’s block’ or ‘dentist’s block.’ I can’t figure out why we have created this mysterious phrase..only for writers..which only means ‘don’t feel like doing this right now.” Lois Lowry

I’ve been chewing on it all day and decided maybe “The Block” is reserved for creative pursuits – creating something from nothing can go off the rails sometimes. Are Painter’s Block and Quilter’s Block a thing?

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The Bible Outlawed in 52 Countries

Faith Filled Friday: I thought this was a good point about the Bible being banned in so many countries. I’ve often wondered the same thing myself. Why does the government care what faith its citizens believe in? Why does the government believe it needs to control our beliefs?

Christians Are Us

The United Nations says that there are 198 countries in the world. The Bible is outlawed in 52 of those countries. has been seen in at least 104 countries. How many of the 104 countries that has been seen in is the Bible - the subject and source of the site - outlawed in? How many people in those countries are only seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ because they saw it at If you'd like to help the other 94 countries see the Gospel, SHARE this post. The United Nations says that there are 198 countries in the world.
The Bible is outlawed in 52 of those countries. has been seen in at least 104 countries.
How many of the 104 countries that has been seen in is the Bible – the subject and source of the site – outlawed in? How many people in those countries are only seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ because they saw it at
If you’d like to help the other 94 countries see the Gospel, SHARE this post.

©2014 Mark Davis

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Pressing On

I think all of us are trapped at times in our lives, maybe not physically but emotionally. When I can’t let go of my anger, fear, or hatred, which puts me out of fellowship with the Lord, it does feel like being in a dark prison.

Unshakable Hope

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know I’m late, but I have an excuse.

I spent the last ten days battling a respiratory infection. For someone who lives with only thirty percent of his lungs functioning on a good day, pneumonia and respiratory infections are, putting it lightly, really bad. So, I don’t care what the date on the calendar is, I’m declaring that today is the first day of my year. Those of you who have already broken your New Year resolutions might want to join me in this do-over.

It may be a weird coincidence, but two years ago I spent the first week of the year in the hospital battling a respiratory infection. If you want excitement on New Year’s Eve, just go sit in the ER at a nearby hospital.

As many of you know, I almost lost a battle with pneumonia three months ago. During that…

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