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Links & Update

Since I’m not feeling well today and don’t plan to go out, I’m not doing the blog I had planned to. So I thought I would post some links that I wanted to share anyway. They’re from a variety of places and I have not looked at all of them.
Yesterday I talked funny and had a runny nose, but felt fine otherwise. Today I’m more hoarse, tired, achy, and plugged up
To update you on Jim and Judy. Neither one is doing well. Rebecca told me today that Jim will probably not get off the ventilator. He had shown a tiny improvement but it didn’t last long. My sister in Texas called me to let me she heard from Judy’s granddaughter and Judy is not doing well. Please keep us all in your prayers.  ~ Connie

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Faith Filled Friday – Life’s Challenges

I’ve been praying for both my friend Joe (not real name) and my sister Judy mainly for salvation but also for healing. I felt a peace after the first time I prayed last week. I have often heard of death-bed confessions and figured there was also death-bed salvation.
When I was a young teenager my friend Beverly lost her father one Sunday night. He would bring her to church and leave. He often said he did not need to go to church. I was in the choir that Sunday evening and saw him sitting beside her. I was a surprised since he had never stayed for any service. Beverly told me her father had cried a little during the service and had said something to the Pastor on the way out, but she was busy talking to someone else and did not hear what he said. He passed away in his sleep that night. Beverly is convinced her dad accepted Christ during the service and God took him home.
Rebecca’s friend Joe is showing some signs of improvement. He is still in ICU with a feeding tube and whatever else. Rebecca keeps me posted on his condition, but doesn’t always understand the medical lingo.
I tried to get in touch with my sister Judy in California, but could not get through on her phone. I tried an email but never got a response. Neither one of my other sisters had any better luck. My sister in Texas called me a little while ago to let me know Judy was not doing well. Judy’s granddaughter had called her.
The last time I talked to Judy she told me that prayers didn’t work. Sometimes we don’t get the answer we want so it’s easy to say they don’t work. God may be telling us “Wait a bit” or even simply “No” like any parent would do. Asking God to forgive you and save you from hell ALWAYS works. Asking Him for ten million dollars–probably not.
Unfortunately, I’ve never kept in touch with Judy as well as a sister should have. I have never talked to her about her grandchildren. Honestly, I don’t have a good excuse, or even a lame one.
Her life was on the West coast and mine on the East. We haven’t seen each other in 30 years. It’s truly a shame how we let all the business of living get between us. I know it happens to others. Many of my patients told me the same sad story of how their family is scattered across the country for whatever reason. Some come to visit; some only phone; and some they rarely hear from at all. My sister who passed away was good about phoning everyone once a month. I’m trying to do that now. Just something to keep in touch.
Please keep me, Joe, Rebecca, and Judy in your prayers. Tomorrow I’m helping Rebecca clean Joe’s duplex again. We’re hoping to finish it tomorrow. I have my doubts, but I’ll keep you posted. I never realized Joe was such a severe alcoholic until I saw the mess he lived in. My sinuses are stuffed up now and getting back into that filth is not going to be easy.

Smitty’s Guard Duty – Letter XVI – conclusion

I feel like the guards in the cartoons. I’m in South Carolina with snow! Granted it was only 2 inches, nothing close to what I had in Pittsburgh or northern Georgia. ~ Connie

Pacific Paratrooper

In the event that you missed the previous post, Cpl. Smith serving in the 11th Airborne during WWII, was attempting to visualize his first experience at standing guard duty in a combat zone to his mother in a letter.

At one point, the situation appears critical and the next – a comedy of errors.  Nevertheless, this half of the letter describes his four-hour rest period and the following two hours of standing guard.  Hope you stick around to see how he does.

*****          *****          *****

Guard Duty (con’t)

As soon as your relief man comes along, you strut back to your tent feeling as proud as all hell knowing that you are a conqueror of the night and a tried and true veteran of the guard.  You are supposed to get four hours of rest or sleep before going on for your second shift, but for some reason or another the…

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A Rough Tuesday

Tuesday, January 9, was an unusually rough day.
We have to start with the Saturday morning before that. Rebecca and I were at breakfast when she told me that her friend Joe (not his real name) was not doing well and she was worried about him. We went to see him after we finished our meal.
His home was as much a mess as he was! He was sitting in a folding chair with a quilt completely covering him. When we first arrived Rebecca walked to the chair which I thought was simply a huge pile of blankets. She asked the blanket how it was doing and it answered back! She moved the covers so we could see his face and he could see us.
Trash, cigarette butts, and dirty clothes littered the floor. Dozens of empty vodka bottles were strewn around. At double row of filled 50-gallon trash bags lined one wall from Rebecca’s cleaning efforts, and yet it would take at least a dozen more to get the whole mess cleaned up!
I took one look at his swollen gangrenous legs and called EMS. He refused to go. He told us to get out and quit bothering him. EMS and the police tried everything they could legally do, but Joe adamantly refused and demanded we leave him alone.
He got his wish. Sunday we ignored him. That was tough on Rebecca and me both. I didn’t know him that well, but I still cared.
Monday morning we got the paperwork which allowed the police to take him to the hospital. We went to his duplex and, being the nurse, I went in first to check on his status. Rebecca did not want to go in until she knew if he was alive or not.
The piled blanket was lower in the chair. Was he no longer with us? I called his name. After a brief, and exceedingly worrisome, pause Joe answered. He was still alive!
I moved the blanket so I could see his face. His head was lying on the metal armrest. His face was pale. Surprisingly, he was alert and oriented. He sweetly agreed to go to the hospital and asked for a drink. I gave him the ginger ale we had bought on Saturday and noticed his plate of food was barely touched. I went out to tell Rebecca and a police officer arrived carrying the warrant (I don’t think that’s what it’s called, but it will have to do).
I went in with the officer and showed him Joe’s legs. They were now red and had multiple small areas of skin breakdown. His facial expression told me that he had never seen anything like that before. He was on his phone calling EMS before I got the blanket back over Joe’s legs.
The following morning, Tuesday, I took care of phone calls. I had a prayer request from Monday that I needed to find out what it was about. My dear hubby could not remember and hadn’t written it down. I left a message on her answering machine.
Before I had a chance to make my next call, Rebecca called to let me know she had seen Joe and he was doing okay, but she still didn’t know what all was wrong with him. Her tone revealed her relief and happiness.
Joe doesn’t know God as his savior and I hate that he’ll go to hell. I’ve talked to him a few times about salvation, and feel guilty that I didn’t try harder.
My next call was to Wilma. I wanted to let her know I wasn’t volunteering at the nursing home today. I’d forgotten her family was visiting from Michigan, so she wasn’t going either.
My prayer partner called back immediately after I hung up from Wilma. She let me know that my friend Cindy’s mother passed away. I didn’t know her mom well, but she was sweet and always had a warm smile.
Another call from Rebecca to let me know they had intubated Joe and transferred him to ICU because he wasn’t breathing well.
My sadness deepened with each call.
Since I was the writer’s club president, I had to go to the meeting that evening, but I wasn’t in the mood. When I got back home there was a message from my sister Joan to call her ASAP. I called only to learn that my younger sister Judy in California was put on Hospice care. Judy has beaten cancer twice before so I guess she thought she’d beat it again. Joan told me she explained to Judy how to pray to the Lord to help her. Judy has always insisted she didn’t need God and didn’t need our prayers. She claimed that prayers never worked. We’ve prayed for her anyway. God’s hand was most likely involved with her other healings. Because of the distance I haven’t seen her in over 30 years.
That call further deepened my level of sadness. Yet after I prayed again for everyone, I had an odd sense that everything would be all right. I think the Lord’s going to answer my prayer that both Judy and Joe will get another chance at salvation.
The saying goes that Death comes in threes, but I never expected it all in one day. Granted, two are still very much alive so there’s always hope. It just seems like the gavel has hit the pad.

Ideas of Self

I like the whole blog, but I especially like the poem included with it. ~ Connie

Life Unscripted

Do you ever think that maybe you don’t know yourself as well as you thought you did?  An experience revolving around sausage reminded me of just that fact.

Being RV’ers with a small (in both size & facility) meant that there have been a lot of things I love to eat that I’ve felt ill equipped to cook in either the coach or the mobile home.  One of the things I have been looking forward to with our return to Milwaukee was the ability and convenience of having a “real” kitchen, with a more-or-less full complement of tools so that it would be easier to make the foods I grew up with.  I am not a gourmet, and I don’t take a lot of time to cook.  But I like what I like and being able to enjoy my foods was a big plus behind the plan to return here.

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A History of Magic Exhibition, British Library

Harry Potter | A History of Magic
British Library

My visit to the British Library coincided with my visit to Palace Theatre where I watched both parts of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as well as hopping over to the House of MinaLima (AGAIN!) to gaze at the gorgeous prints from the films. 

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This is why we don’t have to be afraid

Faith Filled Friday – This has been a rough week. It’s nice to have God so close and carrying my burden. ~ Connie

Heather C. King - Room to Breathe

My son listened this year as I told the Christmas story to  a gathering of prechoolers and he reviewed it for me over the next few days.

He told me about Mary and about Joseph and about the angels.  He told me how Jesus was God but a baby and how Christmas was Jesus’ birthday.

Then, he told me how Jesus ate a lot of food, got bigger and didn’t stay a baby anymore.

Got it.

But he also says this:  “The angels kept saying, “Don’t be afraid!”

They kept saying that.  Over and over.  Those angels had this resounding message of  joy and they prefaced it with the command to “fear not.”

As we finish one year, as we prepare for the next, as we look to the unknown and the new and the yet-to-come, how do we let this message change us and change our perspective?

How do…

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