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Faith Filled Saturday?

Somehow I lost Friday. My apologies. Makes me wonder what was God thinking. I had my Bible study class on Friday morning which should be a big clue. Normally after class I do my Faith Filled Friday blog. I was not that busy, but have no idea what happened to Friday. This morning I went to breakfast with my friends planning on doing my blog afterwards. I took a nap and after I woke up, I started looking for the post I wanted to use. That is when it dawned on me – this is Saturday!
I’m not alone in my journey here on earth. God is with me all the time since He’s in my heart. When I am frustrated, like now, I can turn to my Bible and one of my favorite songs (I have a lot of favorites!).
The verses are ones I’ve shared before:
Let all things be done decently and in order. 1 Corinthians 14:40 and But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me. 1 Corinthians 15:10
This hymn reminds me that I am never alone. It is most reassuring to know that God is always with me. ~ Connie

I come to the garden alone,
while the dew is still on the roses;
and the voice I hear falling on my ear,
the Son of God discloses.

And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own;
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known.

He speaks, and the sound of His voice
is so sweet the birds hush their singing;
And the melody that He gave to me
Within my heart is ringing.
(repeat chorus)

I’d stay in the garden with Him
Tho the night around me be falling;
But He bids me go thru the voice of woe;
His voice to me is calling.
(repeat chorus)

Current News – Japanese Librarian

Pacific Paratrooper

TOKYO — Thousands of newspapers dating back to 1945, countless clippings of old stories and half a million priceless photographs fill a room that Norio Muroi has tended for the past 42 years.

Stars and Stripes’ library in Tokyo preserves the stories and heroics of countless service members from World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars alongside records of newsworthy events on American bases in the Far East over the past 75 years.

A tailor’s son from Otawara in Tochigi prefecture, Muroi in 1977 was studying economics at Hosei University in Tokyo when he started as a Stars and Stripes copyboy, he recalled during a recent tour of the library at Hardy Barracks, the newspaper’s Pacific headquarters in the Japanese capital.

“It was rare to see American people so much in those days and to have an opportunity to talk with native speakers,” he said of his first…

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Faith Filled Friday: Dehydration and Springs of Living Water

About two-thirds of our body is made up of water. We have all been dehydrated at some point in our life, probably more than once.
Water is needed to boost our energy, lower stress, build muscle tone, nourish skin, prevent constipation, reduce kidney stones, regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, carry nutrients and oxygen to cells; moisten tissues such as those in the mouth, eyes, and nose and a lot more.
Signs of Dehydration
Oddly enough thirst is not the earliest sign of dehydration. You could already be dehydrated, having lost as much as 1 to 2 percent of your body’s water content. With that kind of water loss, you may start to experience cognitive impairments — like stress, agitation and forgetfulness, to name a few.
Some of the earliest signs of dehydration are dark urine and decreased urine output; dry lips, mouth and skin; and increased heart rate. A stinky breath is a sign of dehydration because of a dry mouth, or xerostomia, from lack of saliva and its cleaning effects.
You can become dehydrated in other ways than simply not drinking enough water: blood loss after a traumatic injury, vomiting, diarrhea, a high fever, excessive sweating, severe burns that weep fluids, and some medications like diuretics. Also, some beverages, especially caffeinated beverages, can have a diuretic or even laxative effect, increasing fluid loss. Did you know you lose body fluid with every exhalation? It’s not much, but it was not one way that I thought about at all.
Muscle cramps are a sign of many things, including dehydration. The most common cause of cramps is insufficient nutrients like magnesium, potassium, or sodium, but you can have a lot of those in the diet without enough water to transport them to the muscles that need them.
Replacing fluids is fairly easy
Water is the best fluid to help with hydration, but if none is handy go ahead and have a juice box or an iced tea. Rehydration is not the same as electrolyte or mineral replacement. The water you drink should contain beneficial minerals and electrolytes to replenish those that your body loses every day.
Fruits and vegetables are good sources of water. Think watermelon, peaches, apples, cantaloupe, even coconut water for an hydration boost.
Now that we have fixed your physical dehydration problem, what about your spiritual dehydration?
Signs of Spiritual Dehydration
When I first became ill with myasthenia gravis, fibromyalgia, and epilepsy, I felt overwhelmed and became angry at God. I quit going to church, praying and reading my Bible for months. In my opinion, those are the three biggest signs of severe spiritual dehydration.
Replacing spiritual fluids is no so easy
I needed God more than ever, yet I had basically thrown Him away. Over the next few months the story of Job kept coming to mind so I read it again. Job did not give up on God like I did. I started going to church again and reading my Bible. I still did not feel like talking to God all that often and I think He understood. He healed two of my health problems after I came back to Him for which I am deeply thankful.
Psalm 23 is probably the most well-known psalm. In verse 2 we are told: He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the sill waters.
I have always found peace being in a quiet spot when I talk with the Lord.
John 4:14: It’s the story of Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman at the well in vs 5-29; But whosever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.
I was a teenager when I asked Jesus into my heart and to forgive my sins, and I know I will go to heaven. Having Him with me always makes it easier to deal with the rougher side of life.

Herbs Info

Eat Your Water – 7 Water-Rich Fruits That Help Stay Hydrated #AtoZChallenge
A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose! by Shilpa Garg

Edible Adorables — My OBT

I visited the Edible Adorables – My OBT site. All the plates were amazing!

Penny Wilson Writes

REBLOG: Be sure to check out this post by Donna at My OBT. Incredible talent!! ❤

via Edible Adorables — My OBT

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“THIS IS THE ARMY” conclusion

Pacific Paratrooper

After touring the English provinces, the company went to North Africa for two weeks and then sailed for Italy. This Is the Army was presented at the San Carlo Opera House in Naples in early April 1944. The group arrived in Rome by truck only six days after the Eternal City fell to the Allies. The musical was presented twice a day at the Royal Opera House in June.

Egypt was the next stop in early August, with This Is the Army being performed at the Cairo Opera House until the end of the month. September and October were spent in Iran. The company then traveled to the vast Pacific Theater, with New Guinea the first stop at the end of December 1944.

The company eventually landed at Guam in early August 1945, days before the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. A number of island-hopping stops followed, from…

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Faith Filled Friday: Faith and Flight

The story of the flight is from an un-named Facebook post. I added the rest. All verses are from my King James Bible.  ~ Connie

“Welcome to Flight #2020. We are prepared to take off into the New Year. Please make sure your Attitude & Blessings are secured & locked in an upright position.
All self-destructive devices should be turned off at this time. All negativity, hurt and discouragement should be put away. There will be NO BAGGAGE allowed on this flight.
Should we lose altitude under pressure, during the flight, reach up and pull down a Prayer. Prayers will automatically be activated by Faith. Once your Faith is activated, you can assist other passengers.
The Captain (GOD) has cleared us for takeoff.
Destination greatness and new beginnings! Buckle up!
 Be safe. Love to all.”

So what is faith?
We all use faith every day. We believe the sun will rise to give us a new day. We believe that the chair we sit on will hold us up. We believe the light will come on when we flip the switch. We believe the plane we are flying in will take us safely to our destination.
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1,
But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.  Hebrews 11:6

How do we get faith?
So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  Romans 10:17
I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and himself for me. Galatians 2:20
For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.  Galatians 3:26

Does it take much faith?
And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, he shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.  Matthew 17:20

What do I do with faith?
For we walk by faith, not by sight.  2 Corinthians 5:7
Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  Ephesians 6:11
And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith.  2 Thessalonians 3:2
For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.  James 2:26
I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:  2 Timothy 4:7

How do I get more faith?
So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  Romans 10:17

My brethren, count if all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.  James 1:2,3

And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?  Mark 4:40

Does God have faith in me?
Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.  1 Thessalonians 5:23
But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.  2 Thessalonians 3:3

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even until the end of the world. Amen.  Matthew 28:20

My Near-Death Experience And Other Things I Am Thankful For

Faith Filled Friday: We never know how or when we will pass from this life to the next. Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior? I am so thankful that I did. Heaven will be my new home when my time on earth is over. – Connie

Unshakable Hope

I didn’t plan to share this on my blog because it’s very personal. To date, I’ve only shared this Mary and a few others after a conversation about near-death experiences.

Before sharing my NDE, please let me tell you why I decided it was time to share this. I am very ill right now. What began as probably a common cold has evolved into something much worse, as it does so often in those with compromised immune systems. Other than typing a few emails, I haven’t been on my computer over the last ten days that I’ve been battling this. The hospice nurses have been coming to check on me regularly. Hospice is such a blessing. It looks like it might be an upper respiratory infection or possibly pneumonia. They put me on the same antibiotics that I was on last year when I was battling pneumonia. Needless to say…

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