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Blue Light Mice

Dreams are certainly crazy, and I’ve had my fair share of the crazy ones. I have been told that dreams reflect what happened during the day.
Yesterday was fairly uneventful so I don’t know what brought on blue light mice. I worked on some of my writing (nothing about mice or lights) and went through the email. Maybe the computer light? I did some laundry, ran the dishwasher, watched a couple recorded TV shows, and swept some floors. Does the TV have a blue light?
I made a new soup – broccoli cheddar cheese. It tasted fine, but was much thinner than I expected. Since I didn’t have enough cheddar I added some Mozzarella. Neither one thickened it at all. The cheddar melted, but the Mozzarella wadded up into huge balls of goo. I got a large ball in my bowl. It was fun to chew on that gooey mess! Maybe the cheese drew the mice into the dream?
I also went to a friend’s house for our Sertoma Christmas party. A lot of homes along the way were lit up with Christmas lights. Maybe that was why the blue light.
Dolores, our host, has a lovely home with lots of steps from the driveway up to the door. There was still some sunlight to see by when I got there. This was my first time to her home so I didn’t know the terrain. I will take my cane the next time. My son looked for the spare cane when he dropped me off, but it wasn’t in the back seat.
I left around eight. The porch light was on and there was a railing to use going down the porch steps. The porch light shown most of the way across the short span of open brick work with a slight downhill tilt. I’m walking in the dark which is a little disconcerting to my old brain, plus carrying my purse and left-over jello in a covered glass dish with a loose lid. Lynn was ahead of me and had her arms full. Dolores went ahead of her to help guide her.
The next flight of steps had a railing. Dolores pointed out the last step and Lynn shown her pocket light on it. That one I could see, partly because of the railing. Then there’s another open stretch with one step down to the dirt driveway.
That single step was the tricky one. The brick pattern changed, but it did not help to tell that a step was there. It all looked level to me. Dolores told us about the step as she stepped down, but that was over there. There was no step directly in front of me. When Lynn shown her light there I could finally see the step. So did her pocket flashlight bring on the blue light?
The mice in my dream were in my bedroom, running under my dresser. The first mouse was thin and his light was dim. I thought nothing of it – like all mice had blue lights shining out from under their bellies. The second mouse was fatter with a brighter light. He scurried under my dresser in the same place as the other one. That one made me think that it was odd – for the funky light and that two mice had run under my dresser.
That was all to the dream – two mice with blue lights under their bellies. Actually the light was white closer to their bodies and blue around the edges.
This morning when I woke up I thought of the mice as Laurel and Hardy – one tall and thin, the other shorter and heavier. I haven’t looked under my dresser to see if any real mice are living there.
I don’t believe in dreams having meaning for our lives. I just wished they made sense!

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