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Letter Home From Tokyo – part one

May 7, 2020

His description of Hiroshima after it was bombed really made the war more real and horrific. I was born shortly after the end of the war and everyone was still talking about it. This letter made it more personal. I’m sorry, but I can’t find the right words to describe my feelings. ~Connie

Pacific Paratrooper

We have Mrs P. to thank for this letter.  It came from her neighbor, Len G. whose uncle Joe reached Japan and wanted the family to know what it was like for him.  This letter is being re-typed exactly as it originally reads.

Wednesday Evening

Nov. 14, 1945 – 9PM

Kure, Japan

My Dear Carters & Son:

Received your most enjoyable letter some time ago on Oct 18, I was so very busy ever since I landed here in Japan, that I really hadn’t much time to write, I still owe about 4 letters out and hope I can get them written in the very near future, believe me.  I am on duty now, while writing this letter to you, business is very slow now, so I have a good chance in getting this letter written.  I am so sorry and ask your apoligy for not writing sooner, I’ll try…

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  1. GP has the best articles. I love his site.

  2. Connie, i greatly appreciate you sharing this letter.

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