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To The Boobs At WordPress

February 26, 2016

This is a rant I thought was good to share since I’m having a similar problem. I’m not getting notifications about my newer followers’ posts either. I get the notification that someone likes a post which gives me a clue that I need to look at theirs. Maybe that’s how they changed it. A head’s up would have been nice. I still like WordPress and will stay with them.

The Lonely Author

funny-baby-cry-boobsOr you can join WordPress and you will feel their presence everyday.

Don’t get me wrong. Lonely Author appreciates boobs just as much as the other guy. But come on.

The Boobs at WordPress never cease to amaze me. Now, I no longer receive email notifications of new posts from the people I follow.


They may not think it matters, but it does to me. The Reader is inconsistent.

I just ran through the Reader and I saw no posts from Blogs I follow most faithfully. Nothing from Dajena, Tosha, Leslie, Meg, Geetha, Soeline, Carisa, Annie, Christina, Thomas, Lisa, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Lamarr, Marissa, Spiritkeepers, Bushka, Dr Colton, Siren Song, Souldiergirl, Miss Amelia, Mary, Suza, Monica, Sheila, Arohii, Chape, Paul, Bun, Jen. Getting Over Anxiety, Laurel, & so many others.

Should I assume they haven’t posted anything??

I follow everyone who follows me. So, imagine trying to keep up with 1000+…

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