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Real physics is just weird sometimes. Like, totally.


Honestly, he explained it logically. I did not expect to understand it, but I did.

Originally posted on M J Wright:

One of my pet irks as a reader of science fiction is the way some authors play fast and loose with science. Sometimes it works. But usually, for me at least, the suspension of disbelief in SF is carried by the science as well as by story and characters. Goes with this particular genre.But that doesn’t preclude imagination. Physics sometimes gets very weird. Especially where our friend Albert Einstein is involved.

Albert Einstein lecturing in 1921 - after he'd published both the Special and General Theories of Relativity. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Albert Einstein lecturing in 1921 – after he’d published both the Special and General Theories of Relativity. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

One of his principles was that nothing can travel faster than light. The end. And that’s been proven over and over and over. Of course, this spoils interstellar SF plots, so finding plausible ways around this annoying limit has been a focus for SF authors ever since Einstein came up with it. But very few have explored the…

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Godly Standards: Should We Hold Unbelievers To Our Standards?


Those of us who know Jesus as our Savior are separate from those that are lost. They can’t understand the standards, let alone maintain them. Even among Christians, there are times it’s hard for us to do.

Originally posted on Making A Dent in The World: One Child at A Time:

This post came to me when I saw yet another post about breastfeeding in public covered vs. Uncovered.

pic coveruncover

Disclaimer: Before I start this post I want to say that it is not my intent to start another raging war about which is better or more PC (Politically Correct) or anything like that and I just want to say breast is BEST regardless of if you cover up or not. I was unable to successfully breastfeed so I say breastfeeding at all is


So, now that I have started out with that disclaimer this is a post that is more about the question of, “Can we, as Christians, really expect non-believers to share in our desire of living out our life not according to the laws of this world (although we should obey the laws that have been set for us and honor and respect our president (no matter how…

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4 Steps to True Salvation: Finding New Life In Christ


I love the 4 C’s; very well said

Originally posted on Making A Dent in The World: One Child at A Time:

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I don’t know if I have shared this or not but my husband is currently enrolled online in some classes to get his bachelors (he has his associates) degree and I took an interest in one of the books he has to read and so I have been reading it here and there when he isn’t home. It is actually a really good book and easy to read and is called, Evangelism is… how to share Jesus with Passion and confidence, by  Dave Earley and David Wheeler. The book is comprised of 40 very short chapters (between like 3-7 pages each). I haven’t read all of it, and to be honest I have kind of skimmed around and just read parts that looked more appealing or that I thought would really help me personally. One of the chapters, the one I am going to discuss, is called, “Leading People…

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A Biblical Look IntoThe 7 Deadly Sins Series: Lust


All sins are deadly. It’s only through God’s forgiveness we have peace, joy and love, and most importantly, eternal life.

Originally posted on Making A Dent in The World: One Child at A Time:


Before we discuss how lust is one of the 7 deadly sins I feel like we should define lust, not only in the physical (visual), but also the mental (imagination and such) sense and furthermore how this, like all sin, is deep down an issue of the heart.

Lust: The majority of times we hear the word lust it is in a sexual context, but I think it is important to note that it can also be referenced to anything in which one has strong desires or longings for, thinking most commonly power. In the most simple sentence or phrase ever it would be,  Any desire or craving that is placed above God.

As far as the sexual means of lust, a friend and I discussed how for men it is a much more (but not limited to men) visual issue in lusting or longing after the physical being or…

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A Biblical Look Into the 7 Deadly Sins: Pride

A Biblical Look Into the 7 Deadly Sins: Pride.


I tried to come up with something related to October for every letter of the alphabet. I got stuck on the odd letters, and there’s probably lots more for the others. Anyone care to add their ideas to the list?

A    Apple cider; Angels; Ale

B    BOOs all around; Ballerinas; Black cats; Broomsticks; Bad luck

C    Candy; Chocolate; Creepy; Cats; Costumes

D    Devils and Demons; Dunking

E    Eeks, squeals, and screams abound

F    camp Fires, Football; Frosty mornings

G    Ghosts; Goblins

H    Haunting

I    Icing on cupcakes

J    Jokesters

K    Kids

L    Lights; Luck

M    Marshmallows; Mice; full Moon

N    Night time, Nightmares; Nip in the air

O    Orange banners

P    Pumpkins


R    Red apples

S    Scary masks, Screams

T    Trick or Treat

U    Ugly masks




Y    Yellow


rating george clooney’s wedding wine

Featured Image -- 3103


It’s always nice to know what food to pair what wine with.

Originally posted on grapefriend:

Everyone else can report on George and Amal’s guests, her dress, and the venue. Here at grapefriend, all we care about is what they drank! I mean as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, you’d hope he’d really drink well all weekend. Well, let’s review his reported choices since I’m minorly on the fence.

zoom_variation_na_view_01_816x1544First, for George’s Friday night bachelor dinner party, the owner of Da Ivo (one of GC’s go-to resto’s) gave him a magnum of Sassicaia, known as one of the best Super Tuscans out there. However, he gave them the 2010 vintage (which goes for about $450). That’s like wearing a Zac Posen dress before it’s properly sewn together. A hearty red blend of Cab and Sangiovese shouldn’t be drunk for about 10 years minimum. So very nice gesture, but probably not the best time to drink the wine. George did reportedly sign the empty bottle…

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