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How to eat a burger bigger than your head in one sitting

August 29, 2022

I would not want to do competitive eating, but it is fun to watch.

Matthew Wright

The other week my YouTube feed proposed a channel of intriguing title: Beard meets food. I am not sure why this was presented to me, but because I deliberately turn off Google’s surveillance systems (insofar as I can), Google’s algorithms keep coming up with a default potpourri of wildly irrelevant offerings. This was one of them. And usually I ignore them. But the title seemed intriguing. It was fronted by a quiet-spoken British guy with an enormous beard. So – risking a barrage of similar videos to follow, thanks to Mr Google – I checked out the video, wondering if it was a food commentary or similar.

Turned out he was a ‘competitive eater’ – that is, somebody who competes with others over the speed and quantity of food they can gollop down. The channel consisted of videos of him taking on ‘food challenges’ offered in pubs and eating…

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