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My “You Do You” Scalloped Potatoes

June 9, 2022

I used to have scalloped potatoes often when I was growing up. I hardly made them after getting married. The few times I did make them I messed up. Most of the time the potatoes were too raw or everything was a tasteless lump. This recipe sounds easy so I may give it a go.

Patricia Johns

I don’t believe in telling people how to season their food, which would make me a terrible cook book author. But I’m someone who cooks by heart… and I season with what I have on hand.

Scalloped potatoes are a favorite for me. They’re easy, and you can dress them up any way you like!

But basic scalloped potatoes are very simple:


Sliced potatoes

Milk, or a milk alternative
I use unsweetened almond milk. (Just make sure it’s plain and unsweetened, no vanilla added, or it will taste weird.) This time I used a gluten-free, dairy-free whipping cream cut with water, and it turned out great. It’s a forgiving recipe.

Sliced onions

Salt and pepper to taste

Powdered garlic (a teaspoon or two)

Corn starch (a heaping tablespoon)

2-3 tablespoons oil


Layer your potato slices and onion slices a baking dish. Mix up the milk, salt…

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