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What is a Western? And Why?

January 19, 2022

Those who follow my blog know I’m pretty addicted to Westerns. Thanks to blogging friend, Herb Thiel, who blogs over at The Haps With Herb (I’ve mentioned him before so he’ll be familiar to you), I can tell you I’m not the only one. His friend, A.J. McGregor (great last name) who blogs over at The Lonely Meatballalso writes children’s poetry and wrote this about cowboys (reposted with his permission):

I Want To Be a Cowboy
 I want to be a cowboy. I think it would be fun. I’d get to ride a big horse. I’d get to tote a gun. I’d get to wear a big hat. I’d buy one that is black, and there’d be a leather vest covering my back. I’d spend my days relaxing, just riding on my horse. I’d look just like a hero and act like one, of course. But this will never…

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