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Lest We Forget: Sacrifice and the Ultimate Price

November 21, 2021

Such a sad story but beautifully written.

In So Many Words

Another November 11; another Remembrance Day and sometimes I wonder if we’ve dropped the ball. I certainly hope not.

Am re-sharing this post from a year ago as a remembrance of the young man my maternal grandmother’s family sacrificed for the cause of responsible freedom and democracy.

Lest we forget …


When I was a little girl I loved to hear the stories my Scottish granny, Alice Gordon, would share of her parents swapping the civilized life of gentry in Glasgow for the pioneering life of the wilds of northern Alberta.

My great grandfather, William Alexander Gordon, had served as a member of the Black Watch for many years, and when he retired was eligible to take advantage of the Canadian Soldier Settlement Act which provided returned WWI veterans who wished to farm with loans to purchase land, stock and equipment. And so, in the early 1920s, this…

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