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Why the Film ‘CODA’ Matters to Me During the Pandemic

August 17, 2021

As a nurse I often had deaf patients when I lived in Georgia. I understand how frustrating those masks can be. I took 6 weeks of sign language classes before we moved and never used ASL after we moved.

Lipreading Mom

Photo Credit: ‘CODA’ (2021 film)

I did not grow up as a CODA or Child of a Deaf Adult. This is a hearing child who has one or both parents identify as culturally Deaf. The new Apple TV+ film ‘CODA’ highlights the experience of a teen girl who lives with her parents and an older brother, all of whom are Deaf and communicate using ASL (American Sign Language).

During the current Covid-19 pandemic when most moviegoers are avoiding movie theaters to help mitigate the spread of this virus, having a major streaming service bring this film to mass audiences is a cause of celebration for the hard of hearing and Deaf communities. It explores a culture that is often misunderstood because there are so few related stories being shared within the mainstream. Which leads to the relevance of ‘CODA’ being released in 2021.

She Is My Ears, My COHHA


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