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Your Characters Are Not You

June 11, 2021

I let my characters tell me what they want and show me their personalities, but I’m sure there are times my personality creeps into them. When I first started writing I planned for a sweet character, but as I typed she was showing herself to be mean and spiteful. Not at all what I wanted. I threw that out and started again. Her true personality came through again only it took a bit longer. I tried a third time and she still wanted to be mean and spiteful. I threw it away and gave up writing that story. A few years later I talked to a published author who said I should have left her the way she wanted to be and never ever throw away work you don’t like. ~Connie

A Writer's Path

by Amie Gibbons

If you ask any writer what the biggest mistake a new writer can make is, they’ll give you a ton of different answers.  There’s stuff about technicalities of writing newbies all seem to do (trust me, so did I), there are different plot mistakes, and there are things with characters.

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