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Notes from a Small Island: Hiking not Biking

June 9, 2021

This looks like such a pretty place!

Stevie Turner

Today we decided to do some hiking. We drove to Freshwater, and then after parking the car caught the bus to Alum Bay. Traffic stretched for miles along the road into the Needles Theme Park, but luckily there was somebody on hand to direct the bus out of the traffic jam so it could hurtle along on the wrong side of the road to the terminal and keep to its timetable.

The Needles car park was already full, and cars were being directed onto a nearby field. Kids screamed, mothers shouted, and dogs barked. Mayhem was all around us. It was time to escape the noise and confusion and head up onto the Tennyson Trail.

We passed the pretty garden full of gnomes, trinkets and doo-dads, and opened the gate opposite that leads up onto a quiet hiking path. The sounds of the theme park drifted away, and we hiked…

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