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Open Book Blog Hop – 7th June

June 7, 2021

I liked the short commercials and nowadays they seem to go on forever.

Stevie Turner

Welcome to this week’s blog hop. Today the topic is:

What commercial do you hate? What commercial is your favorite? (YouTube link us if possible) Have you ever got an idea for a story from a commercial?

I rarely look at adverts, and usually watch TV programmes that I have previously recorded, especially so that I can fast forward through the adverts. However, when I’ve had to look at adverts I can say without a shadow of a doubt that any ‘Go Compare’ advert featuring the man with the stupid moustache gets my thumbs down every time. Here’s an example of this awful man singing that was voted the most annoying advert in 2009. Over 10 years later and he’s still at it…

Another hated one is any advert featuring those bloody talking meerkats…

I can’t think of any advert I like because as I previously stated I rarely watch…

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