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Exploring The Gospel of John

May 28, 2021

Faith Filled Friday by Connie Terpack

We are studying the book of John and using John Phillips book Exploring the Gospel of John. He has an outline at the back which helps when taking class notes and finding subjects. We studied John15:26-16:25 today and I thought I would share this with you. My apologies for the margin spacing.

B. Revelations about God the Spirit (15:26-16:15)

Much of what we know about the ministry of the Holy Spirit in this age we learn from these words of Jesus. He has a three-fold ministry, as recorded here.

1. His Reminding Ministry (15:26-27)

a. The Mystery of the Holy Spirit (15:26a-c)

(1) Why He Would Come (15:26a,b)

(2) When He Would Come (15:26c)

b. The Motivation of the Holy Spirit (15:26d-27)

(1) His Supreme Ministry Is to Exalt to son of God (15:26d)

(2) His Supplementary Ministry Is to Energize the Saints of God (15:27)

2. His Reproving Ministry (16:1-11)

a. The Appalling Dislike of the Synagogue (16:1-4a)

(1) Stumbled (16:1-3)

(2) Startled (16:4a)

b. The Approaching Departure of the Savior (16:4b-6)

(1) His Past Concealment of These Things (16:4b)

(2) His Present Candor about These Things (16:5-6)

c. The Appointed Descent of the Spirit (16:7-11)

(1) What Was Expedient for Them (16:7)

(2) What Was Expounded to Them (16:8-11)

(a) The Spirit’s Reproving Ministry Declared (16:8)

i. The Nature of sin (16:8a)

ii. The Need for Righteousness (16:8b)

iii. The Nearness of Judgment (16:8c)

(b) The Spirit’s Reproving Ministry Detailed (16:9-11)

i. The Jurisdiction of Sin (16:9)

ii. The Justification of Saints (16:10)

iii. The Judgment of Sinners (16:11)

3. His Revealing Ministry (16:12-15)

a. The Ecclesiastical Truth (16:12-13b)

(1) The Dispositional Barrier (16:12)

(2) The Dispensational Barrier (16:13a,b)

(a) A Revealing Process (16:13a)

(b) A Revealing Principle (16:13b)

b. The Eschatological Truth (16:13c-15)

(1) The Things to Come (16:13c)

(2) The Things of Christ (16:14-15)

(a) The Person of Christ (16:14a)

(b) The Preeminence of Christ (16:14b-15)

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