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Why We Pray

May 7, 2021

Faith Filled Friday, May 7, 2021, by Connie Terpack

God gives us instructions and examples on how and why to pray throughout the Bible. I jotted a few things down from this video about prayer that I wanted to share. Jesus explains prayer and gives us an example in Matthew 6:5-13.

Value of Prayer:

It helps us develop a living relationship with a personal God who loves us intimately.

Prayer is a continual conversation we have with God.

Why we pray:

It is an act of worship; a way to commune with God. Suppose you did not talk to your wife for a whole week, at the end of the week she would think something was terribly wrong. She would be suspicious and believe you no longer loved her. Don’t you think the Lord would think the same thing – that there was something wrong with your relationship if you don’t talk to Him for a week or more?

It is an act of obedience. We are told to pray without ceasing in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. That does not mean we have to be on our knees constantly, but our hearts should be open to the Lord. It is a continual conversation with God.

It is an act of intersession for others. Jesus used plural when he talked about how to pray– give us this day our daily bread. Our prayers should also include those that persecute us, which is not easy for anyone. They need God’s help as much as we do.

It is an act of becoming like Jesus. He prayed often, but the Bible does not gives us all his prayers. There are eleven prayers in Luke alone. Jesus prayed earnestly, with perseverance, and believing, Some were prayers of thanks, but all were submissive – according to his father’s will. Jesus is still praying in heaven for us.

It is to ask God for things like help with a problem, salvation for ourselves or someone else, guidance in making a decision. Look at Matthew 7:7-8.

Why doesn’t God answer all our prayers

How often have you heard the phrase unanswered prayer? That is not an accurate term; God answers every prayer, but sometimes it is with a no or wait. Often we simply don’t see the answer because it was not what we were expecting. When we get a no it is easier to tell our friends that we are still waiting for an answer. When you are in tune with God’s will, your prayers are in tune with God’s will also.

In James 4:2-3 God says you don’t have because you don’t ask. God knows what we want as well as what we need, but often he likes to hear it from us. Jesus tells his disciples that also in Matthew 6:8.

There was one comment that one of the men said that really hit home with me: Don’t treat God like a cosmic vending machine. I can’t tell you how many of my prayers were like that.

These are the highlights from the video that impressed me. Grab a cup of coffee and relax. I hope you find the video as helpful as I did. I have watched it twice, but could not type fast enough to get it all down so I hope I’ve got it right. I plan to watch it several more times. Most importantly, we need to know that prayer truly does work even though we do not get the answer we wanted.

Link: Got Questions Ministries

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