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Interesting Explanations of Bible Words and Phrases

January 22, 2021

Faith Filled Friday, January 22, 2021

by Connie Terpack

You might have a Bible like mine (Ryrie Study Bible, KJV), which offers definitions, clarifications, and explanations of the Bible verses at the bottom of each page. I thought I would share a few that I found interesting.

10 talents of silver, six thousand pieces (shekels), 2 Kings 5:5: The silver was about 12,000 oz (340 kg); the six thousand pieces were roughly about 2,400 oz (70 kg)

Saw one another in the face, 2 Chronicles 25:21: means engaged in battle.

Shake mine head, Job 16:4: It was a gesture of derision.

Strike hands, Job 17:3: This was the method of pledging a guarantee. Today we shake hands.

A tabret, Job 17:6: This meant a spitting in the face, an abhorring.

Clap your hands, Psalm 47:1: This is an indication of rejoicing.

One jot or one tittle, Matthew 5:18: The smallest Hebrew letter is yodh (jot), which looks like an apostrophe. A tittle is a very small extension or protrusion on several Hebrew letters, which distinguish these letters from similar ones, like the English R from a P. The Lord’s point is that every letter of every word of the Old Testament is vital and will be fulfilled.

Raca, Matthew 5:22: Probably means “empty-head.” This is one of those definitions that I’m not certain about.

Take no thought, Matthew 6:25: Jesus is telling them not to be anxious.

Lunatick, Matthew 17:15: This supposed to mean epileptic, having seizures.

Fuller, Mark 9:3: That was a person who cleaned clothes.

Stand praying, Mark 11:25: In ancient worship this was the normal position of prayer.

To feed swine, Luke 15:15: This was the lowest possible humiliation for a Jew.

I trow not: Luke 17:9: I think or suppose not.

Two or three firkins, John 2:6: That was about 20-30 gallons or 75-113 liters.

Five and twenty or thirty furlongs, John 6:19: That was 3 – 3.5 miles or 4.8-5.6 km.

Whited wall, Acts 23:3: Paul called the Sanhedrin this while they were judging him; means hypocrite.

There are hundreds more explanations, so please share your favorites.

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