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Talking with God

December 13, 2020

I noticed when I posted this Friday’s blog that the one from last week was not listed. I’m not sure what went wrong, but I’m re-posting it today. I made a few changes. I hope you enjoy it. ~Connie

Part 2: Faith Filled Friday, 12/4/2020

Last week we talked about listening to God. This week I looked into how we talk to God. How many ways are there to talk to God? Does it matter if we don’t talk to Him? Can we grow in faith and love if we don’t talk to God?

Prayer is generally the most common way of talking to God. We also can share with him during our singing, music, and even when we write down our thoughts in our diary or journal. Witnessing to others and our attitude toward others are a couple more ways we ‘talk’ to God.

Most of my prayers are short and I do not believe I pray as often as I should. Usually I talk to God without thinking of it as prayer. I talk to Him while I’m driving. I ask for a safe trip for me and everyone else on the road. During the course of the day, I’ll talk to him about the problems I’m having, or thank him for something that happened or for his answer to my prayer. When I go to bed at night I’ll say a prayer before going to sleep. I believe God loves to hear from us anytime of the day or night.

There are lots of examples of prayers in the Bible, but is reciting a prayer truly talking to God. Would you want to talk to someone about their trip when all they did was recite the description that was in the brochure?

It’s nice to know that the Holy Spirit, Romans 8:26-27, intercedes for us. There is a lot that goes on which interferes with my prayer life. I tend to lose my train of thought while praying. I don’t know if the devil is trying to interfere or it’s just my age. There were many times when I was still working that I felt I was too busy to pray. Sometimes I decided that God did not need me bothering him again.

God wants to hear from us and he promises to answer: Psalm 50:14-15; Psalm 77:1; Ephesians 6:18.

There are lots of Bible verses about prayer. The Lord’s Prayer, which is the standard for all our prayers, is found in Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4. Here are a few other verses that you might find helpful: Mark 11: 24; John 10:27; Ephesians 1:18; Psalm 17:6; 102:17.

We should pray without ceasing, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-19. I’ve always though that meant to keep the line open between me and God. If I’m not willing to listen to Him, why would he want to listen to me all the time? Waiting a few minutes after praying for God to talk to me is the hardest thing to do. Most of the time I say amen and take off to do whatever.

What are your excuses that interfere with your prayer life? I’d love to hear your thoughts on talking with God.

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