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God’s Stickers

November 6, 2020

Faith Filled Friday post by Connie Terpack

Earlier today I read an article about a retired husband frequently interrupting his wife while she was writing. To some people an author who writes at home is not really working. So I can relate to her frustration about being constantly interrupted. I can easily lose my train of thought and may never get it back to finish what I started.

One day she happened to think of the stickers that her children got. He left her alone all afternoon and she got a lot of writing done. She gave him a sticker. Hubby was delighted to get a sticker and it soon become a challenge for him to get more.

What if God gave us stickers for what we did? I asked my friends at Bible study this morning and they suggested getting stickers for praying and going to church. One suggested putting stickers earned for the day on that date on their calendar.

Little kids wear their stickers on their clothes with pride and let everyone know, “I got a sticker!” They stick out their chest so you can see it better. Older children and teens usually put theirs on their book covers or notebooks. This past election day they handed out “I Voted” stickers to wear on your shirt.

What if God gave you a sticker for different tasks and behavior? Maybe you would get a sticker for each time you prayed–“I Prayed.”

How about getting a sticker when you go to church, sing hymns, witness to someone about the Lord’s salvation, put money in the offering, sing in the choir, or give someone a ride to church.

Should some things merit a sticker each time you do it or just one to cover the whole day? When you go to church and sing three hymns is that three stickers or just one? When you help your neighbor then a few hours later have to help your sister does that count as two stickers?

What if God gave out stickers for bad behavior also? I would hate to wear a sticker that said “I Lied” or “I Didn’t Help.”

Think about what stickers you might have earned today and have a blessed day.

The following are a few verses on rewards: Psalm 62:12b; Matthew 6:1-6; Ephesians 6:8; Hebrews 10:35; Revelation 22:12

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