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Quotes for Faith Filled Friday

October 23, 2020

The only remedy for all this mass of misery is the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Why do we not plead for it every time we hear the clock strike? ~Anthony Ashley-Cooper

We Christians have allowed this crazy age to steal from us the quiet hour. We too have been caught in the whirl and we cannot minster to others because we are as tired and feverish and hurried as the world is. ~ Vance Havner

Political correctness is not really about sensitivity and courtesy, which require mutual respect. Rather, political correctness entails intolerance for some prejudices but impunity for others. ~James Taranto

I believe the next half century will determine if we will advance the cause of Christian civilization or revert back to the horrors of brutal paganism. ~Theodore Roosevelt

We talk about Heaven’s being so far away. It is within speaking distance to those who belong there. Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people. ~ D. L. Moody

Time writes no wrinkles on the brow of eternity. ~Billy Sunday

Without a vision of Hell, souls will perish forever. May a vision of a burning Hell be dynamite to change our thinking, our living, our giving. ~Lee Roberson

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