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Faith Filled Friday: Jesus’ Love

October 16, 2020

I wrote this poem several years ago. I enjoy writing, but I am not the best poet. I hope this will give you cause to reflect on your relationship with Jesus. ~Connie Terpack

Jesus loves me – so great to know

Since my childhood I’ve known his love;

How he came to earth a long time ago

from his glorious home in heaven above.


Jesus walked in my shoes and grew

from a newborn babe to a young man.

He faced sin – the same that I knew –

and guided me with his loving hand.


We all have heard John 3, verse 16,

That God so loved us and gave us the way –

He gave us his son, so pure and clean,

to take away our sins on the cross that day.


Romans 3, verse 25 reinforces the thought.

There’s nothing that we, the sinner, can do

Jesus paid the price – our sin He bought

Jesus paid the price – for me and you.


In John chapter 3, verse 3,

Jesus says that if we are not born again,

the kingdom of God we’ll never see.

More in Romans 5, verses 8 through 10


Romans 5, verses 20 and 21,

tell us of God’s abounding love and grace.

Heaven is our home when our time here is done.

It will be wonderful to see Jesus face to face.


It will be so wonderful to sit at Jesus’ feet,

to hear his stories and words of wisdom.

Seeing old friends and new ones to meet.

Joy is never-ending in the heavenly kingdom.

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