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Children and Their Attention Span

September 20, 2020

Connie Terpack 9/20/2020

A cute thing happened during church this morning, which I plan to work into a story.

A young teen and his younger brother came upfront and set up. The young teen boy, Collin, sat and adjusted the music stand. He got his guitar ready and his younger brother stood off to the side, ready to turn the page.

Collin played a chord and the choir started singing. His music was simple and he did a wonderful job with the timing.

His little brother leaned in closer and whispered into his ear. I’m guessing he was reminding Collin not to forget to nod his head when it was time to turn the page.

Soon Collin nodded his head. His little brother was watching Jay, the choir director. Collin nodded faster and faster. He finally glanced over at his brother and saw that he was not paying attention, so he kicked his foot. His brother turned the page, and I couldn’t help but giggle.

After church I talked to Cindy, who is a soprano in the choir and the boys’ grandmother. She missed seeing it because she was concentrating on the song’s rhythm. That was one of the things that impressed me about Collin. He never missed a beat and kept on playing. That is a sure sign of a great musician. I figure as he gets older, he is going to be a fantastic guitarist and make his guitar do things others can’t.

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