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An Officer Rapped on the Window

September 9, 2020

by Connie Terpack

We were the fifth car back in the window line at the pharmacy. Soon we saw a police car drive past us and go around the bend. Another came down the road just as the other car came back up with a third police car behind him. We thought the pharmacy was being robbed.

A black pickup pulled in behind us, angling so that Jack could not back up and drive off. He recognized the move and knew we were being blocked in. We were startled when an officer knocked on the driver’s window. He asked to see both our IDs. Usually all they need is the driver’s. He told us to wait until he checked things out. We could have pulled out at that time since the line had moved forward. The other police cars stayed in position.

We stayed put and joked about it. I did not catch the officer’s name, but he was very nice and courteous. He returned in only a few minutes and gave us back our licenses. He explained they were looking for a yellow pickup that was caught attempting to tow a car out of a parking lot. The owners happened to come out of the store and saw him trying to hook their car up to his truck. The robber took off.

We pulled up to the window and the clerk asked us what was going on. He said they saw a lot of police cars and had no idea what was happening. We explained it to him. Jack commented that it was stupid to try to steal a car using a yellow truck since it would be very noticeable.

I guess auto thieves are considered a dangerous type of criminal considering it took at least four officers for this incident.

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