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Faith Filled Friday

August 28, 2020

Faith Filled Friday: Trusting God

by Connie Terpack

For the past few weeks trusting God has not been easy for me. I have trusted him most of my life so I do not know why these few weeks should be any different.

I did one or two posts after they fixed my Apple computer, which took about 3 weeks. Then it crashed and was no longer functional. I used the computer for years, so it was hard to adjust to a Windows. I still have not figured it out.

This computer has lots of bells and whistles that I am not familiar with and I am forever pressing the wrong keys. It does not create pages that I like and I do not have all my files on this computer. I have to use my husband’s desktop where we stored some files and where the repair shop stored most of the others.

I am not sure how many files have been lost, but it seems my ‘Religious/Christian’ folders did not survive the transfer. Maybe they are there and I simply have not found them yet.

I apologize to the haphazard posting for the past month or so. When the computer fails, I have no way to do anything else. I am learning how to switch my files to the two desktops, but I have not switched any of my files from the old Apple to my new Windows. The systems are not compatible and the computer repair guy was able to download my computer to my husband’s desktop. What he loaded to my laptop it looks like it is there, but it’s usually blank when I open the folders.

I find I am afraid to trust God. I am afraid of losing files or not being able to open them after transferring. Like I have already said I have been trusting God since I was pretty young. Sometimes his answers are not what I expect. When we were overrun by cockroaches after a bakery moved in across the street I finally asked God to help. We had tried food poisons and traps. The whole neighborhood was affected, but I never asked if they were helped along with me. The next morning, as I expected, the cockroaches were gone from the kitchen. I thanked the Lord for answering my prayer.

While I worked on making breakfast, I noticed a few field mice. More and more showed up. My husband explained that field mice loved cockroaches. I had to laugh. Not the answered I expected nor particularly wanted, but it did get rid of the roaches. Everywhere we have lived since then, we have had mice but not roaches!

I trusted God to take care of the problem and He did, just not the way I expected. Maybe that is why I am a little leery now to trust him with my computer trouble. Maybe he will answer my request in a way that I will not find helpful at all.

The same day that my laptop went dark for the last time was the same day the TV set died. The show went to a commercial and the TV quietly went black. No buzz, click or beep. We bought a 55-inch which was a lot bigger than our old one. My husband also bought a wall mount attachment for it.

Saturday my youngest son came down and put up the wall mount. He had installed two for them so he did it rather easily. He also hooked up the television. We were now set.

We currently have a fly infestation. I do not know if flies serve a useful purpose or not, but they are annoying. Since living in this house we have had birds coming inside, as well as the porch, to build their nests and lay their eggs. We also have had butterflies (2 years in a row), mice, some type of wasp (also 2 years), and ants. Whew!

I am including the two verses I go to when I need God’s reassurance: 1 Corinthians 14:40; 15:10

I still trust God, but he has to know that I am keeping a list of questions to ask him when I get to heaven. It is getting rather long.

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