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Technology Withdrawal and Overwhelmed

August 18, 2020

by Connie Terpack

My computer was acting up so I finally relented and took it to the repair shop with my new one (Christmas present from my husband) and asked them to transfer the files. It was not going to be easy. They had to go from an Apple to a regular computer.
Going without my laptop was more difficult than I expected. I did get a little more work done around the house, but I felt antsy. I would stare at the empty space on the table where my computer normally sat. My fingers wanted to type.
My children’s story was being edited so a few days’ break should have been relaxing. I started doing crossword puzzles, but had trouble with finding a decent lead pencil that wrote dark enough to read. #2 pencils are not what they used to be. I played a lot of solitaire on either my son’s or my husband’s computer. It took the edge off of my withdrawal.
Towards the end of the second week the computer tech asked if my husband would bring in his desktop to see if that computer would talk to my new laptop. He’s is an Apple also but a newer version.
I did not realize it was an impossible task. Three weeks later – they were still not getting anywhere. The edginess I had felt those first few days had dissipated and I was almost glad not to have a computer. Unfortunately that did not last long. The anxiety returned and I was irritable. I used to deal with patients who had to go through withdrawal, but never expected I would go through it myself, especially over a computer.
Monday morning the television died. I was watching a show and the screen quietly went black. The TV had been acting up for months with freezing spells and brief blackouts. We thought the problem was the channel or the show itself.
We bought a new 55” TV. We also stopped in to check on our computers. I had decided to retype most of my stuff into my new computer since it would not transfer. A lot of files were going to be deleted because of the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ I collected over the years.
They were able to transfer some things, but when I tried to open them there was nothing there. My new computer is a Lenova and I can not find a blank page to write on! They want me to buy a system to use, but my son explained there was a free site on Google.
Today I feel overwhelmed by technology. The new TV is bigger in our living room than at the store. It has a terrible remote – like most are. It is small and has the tiniest buttons. It’s not easy to press just one! It is perfect for a toddler’s hand, but not for a grown adult with a touch of arthritis.
Because of the stupid virus scare there is no in-home set up. We never thought about how far apart the legs are so it was too long for the TV table. There happened to be a slat of wood in the shop that my son cut to fit and we put that on top of the old stand.
Finding the right guide to use is a pain. Jack still has not gotten the TV all together. There are plastic pieces all over the carpet.
I had almost 3,000 emails to go through! Keep us in your prayers. I told my husband I was overwhelmed with all this new technology and he said he was too. He worked as a maintenance mechanic most of his life. He knows machines and technology. If he feels overwhelmed, we are in big trouble! Being a nurse I had to deal with some technology, but it never seemed as complicated as this TV or computer. I have rambled some, but that is part of my frustration. Hopefully, my next post will be a little more coherent.
Is there some rule requiring technology to be so stupidly complicated?

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