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A Whole 72 Years Old Today

July 21, 2020

How many times did you include the word ‘whole’ when you were little and someone asked your age? “I’m a whole 4 years old!” You probably held up 4 fingers to make sure they knew exactly how many. I still talk with hand gestures or visual aids.
On Saturday, I finished writing my children’s book. It is three short stories that I plan to put in one book or leave them as three separate books if the publisher prefers it that way. I still have to do the illustrations for each of them. I had put off writing it for years because I wanted to write adult stories. I’m glad and thankful I finally wrote it because I had so much fun with the characters. It is with my editor friend as we speak. I am very curious to hear her opinion. The earlier version I did had very little writing since I planned one page of text with the opposite page for art work. She told me it was worst thing I had ever written. This time I did it like a story.
Hubby bought me a small chocolate cake. Even the decorations on top are chocolate. He also gave me a beautiful birthday card. It’s 3 pages with cute animal sketches and a couple of them pop up. I wanted to share the verse with you.

For My Sweet and Loving Wife

What does it mean
when I say “I love you”?
It means that I notice
sweet things you do…

It’s thinking you’re gorgeous,
sexy, and smart…
It’s letting you know
you still have my heart.

It’s thanks for your patience,
friendship, and care…
It’s feeling at home
as long as you’re there…

It’s feeling so proud
to call you my wife…
Loving you is
the best part of my life.

Happy Birthday

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  1. Happy Birthday!! 72 years young 🙂

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! 🎂 What a precious birthday poem gift from your husband … incredibly romantic and he knows you so well! Congratulations also on finishing your children’s stories and have fun with the illustrations! 😀

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes. Jack has surprised me over the years with his poetry. I am hoping the illustrations do not take more than a few months to do. My biggest worry is the cost.

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