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Covid-19 conspiracy theory isn’t new – think Apollo

June 27, 2020

I’ve always believed they made a real landing. The lighting and shadows probably would be different because of the difference in the angle of the sun and the earth’s light. I don’t think our planet shines as bright as the moon, but surely there is enough to mess up some shadows. ~Connie

Matthew Wright

These days, as endless conspiracy theories about Covid-19 flow through my social media feed, I keep thinking of their grandparent, the Apollo moon hoax conspiracy. There are some surprising similarities.

Most of the claims today are to do with Covid-19, which (if we are to believe the conspirators) is a fake virus promoted by the Deep State (run by lizard men) to fool everyday people into accepting vaccine-driven mind control. Apparently all we have to do is ‘woke up’ to this and the Truth will become Evident, stopping people being ‘sheeple’. Or something.

In a way I can understand it: the world – and certainly the United States – seems to be entering its end-game. People are worried, frightened, and can’t influence or control their fates. Humans are also hard-wired to see patterns even when none exist; and it’s easier to suppose this scary and chaotic world out there is…

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