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Faith Filled Friday: Tom’s Poetry

June 26, 2020

I love Tom’s poetry and thought these two would be a delightful change from the usual fair for Faith Filled Friday. Every one he writes is either intriguing, humorous or thoughtful. Neither one of these were titled so I gave them one for my filing purposes. Tom graciously allowed me to repost these. The one titled I’m not sure… is the newest one and the other A Whispered Voice is a year or two older.
Here’s his link so you can visit his site: Tom Graffagnino

I’m not sure…

I’m not sure more legislation
From the bureaucrats above
Will come up with the solution
We need most…. Truth, Grace, and Love.

I’m not sure at all that Band-Aids
Can address the heart within.
Band-Aids can’t defeat the cancer
We once wisely knew as “sin”.

I’m not sure this killer virus
Can be conquered with vaccines,
Good intentions, wishful thinking,
Or group therapeutic dreams.

I’m not sure we’ll find the answer
In the textbooks in our schools,
Or in Neo-Marxist theory,
Or more mandatory rules.

I’m not sure Big Brother’s game plan
In the end will fix this thing.
After all, we’ve been there, done that…,
Still the carnal mind is king.

I’m not sure more finger-pointing
Is the remedy we need.
Maybe we need full-length mirrors.
And more Gospel-scattered seed.

I’m not sure there is cure, sir,
If we can’t see that we’re lost.
I’m not sure the cure we’re seeking
Can be found without the Cross.

A Whispered Voice

In each Beauty of creation,
There’s a Word…a whispered voice.
There’s a reason there in hiding.
Yes, The Reason to rejoice!
Every subtle law of nature
Points to true Truth higher still.
Each design’s designed to guide us
To God’s pure and holy will.
There is manna…Living Water
For the thirsting, hungry heart.
Bread and Wine both freely offered…
Grace amazing to impart.

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