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Why You Forget What You Were Doing When You Walk Into A Room

June 22, 2020

I’m so glad to learn there is a reason for the forgetfulness! I simply had to share this. ~Connie

Embrace Serendipity

ByKatie Pratt, Ph.D.

The brain is the least understood organ in the human body: Three pounds of tightly organized and highly specialized cells that guide every thought, action, and heartbeat, of your life. It is where we store memories, how we balance our checkbooks, and where we feel emotions. But every so often our brains let us down.

One particularly infuriating, if not life threatening, example of this is the well-documented phenomenon ofwalking into a room and forgetting why you are there. Why is it that the one organ of our body that can keep us breathing while we are sleeping seems to be unable to remind us of why we stepped into the kitchen?

This is the question that drives Notre Dame scientistGabriel Radvansky, who has spent close to 20 years trying to find the answer. Last year saw the publication of a breakthrough…

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