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June 20, 2020

I had not thought about this until reading his article. He makes a good point.

Stevie Turner

Has anybody counted the amount of times the word ‘unprecedented’ is used in the daily  BBC Coronavirus update?  I once counted 10 times in one programme early in April, and it hasn’t much changed as time has gone on.

I am on tenterhooks to find out on Sunday just how Boris plans to take us out of lock-down in these unprecedented times.  He has cleverly left it until the May bank holiday is all over bar the shouting, so that there is not an unprecedented rush to the roads on Thursday night.

Will we need to wear masks outside the house?  Will crime levels rise to unprecedented levels if nobody can now be identified properly on CCTV?

Will it be that children can go back to school?  They have already had an unprecedented amount of time off, and if they go back in June then they’ll only need to work…

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