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Faith Filled Friday: The Golden Daffodil

May 29, 2020

This poem was written by Nancy Chapman, the wife of my retired pastor. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ~Connie

I walked along a winding path,
On a cold and wintry day,
Then climbed upon a wooded knoll,
Hidden far away.

I lifted my eyes toward Heaven,
I breathed the clean crisp air,
But then my gaze fell at my feet
To a sight of beauty rare.

I brushed away the dead leaves
On the top of that deserted hill,
Where half hidden ‘neath the cold of winter
Rose a glorious, golden daffodil!

No one had come to admire it.
No one even knew it grew.
Yet it bloomed there in quiet splendor,
The way that daffodils do.

The darkness of the leaves had pressed it,
Still bravely, its head pushed through.
“Pay attention,” said the Spirit within me,
“There’s a lesson here for you.”

“Forgive me! O, Father,” I humbly prayed,
When I sigh and weep and moan,
That I’m planted in a dark, secluded place,
Where I feel forsaken and alone.”

Or, when burdens press heavy upon me,
And Spring’s hope I cannot see,
May my weary heart take courage–
Knowing that’s where you’ve planted me.

Just like that lovely, golden daffodil,
I choose not where I’ll grow.
You’ve picked the perfect place for me:
Your will has deemed it so.

“Father, brush back all the ‘dead leaves’
That hide Your beauty in me,
Let the glory of grace bloom in my heart
Right here – where you’ve planted me.”

  1. Even on a Thursday, this is uplifting.

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