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How Captions Allow Lipreading Mom to Worship

April 17, 2020

Lipreading Mom

The sermon series was promoted for weeks before I finally sat through the first message. On a warm summer morning, my husband and I sat in our usual place: front row center in the church auditorium. The closer to the stage, the more likely I could lipread the pastor. That theory worked until the audience asked questions. How could I lipread those sitting in the rows behind me? I ended up handing a pen and notepad to my hubby and asked him to “translate” what I was missing. But what did I miss in his translation?

Let me preface this with a truth: Lipreading Mom can’t understand most words clearly because of my sensorineural hearing loss. Some sounds I am deaf to; others sound mumbled, even with my hearing aids in. Without the ability to clearly hear certain sounds, I miss a word here and there. Before I know it…

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