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Sharing Some Blog Links

March 4, 2020

Many times I get articles that do not have a reblog button. I find them interesting so I’m sharing their links. Enjoy.

Annika Perry’s Writing Blog
by Annika Perry
One of my favourite outings as a young girl was just an hours drive from home. Nestled in a valley on the West Yorkshire moors, Haworth is an idyllic village, always bustling with visitors. On the top of the Main Street, a misnomer for the rambling cobbled lane, was the house of our regular pilgrimage. […]
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I have two from Stevie Turner:

Share Your Christmas Short Story – Winner
by Stevie Turner
Hi all, I had several entries for the Christmas competition,  and I enjoyed reading them all.  I singled out Darlene Foster’s ‘The Bright Lights of Christmas’ as a winner, which instead of fake commercialism, incorporates the true meaning of Christmas. Congratulations, Darlene, here’s your laurel to display, and do I have your permission to […]
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Advice From 1913
by Stevie Turner
On the table at work in the canteen where we have our tea breaks I noticed a tiny book. I picked it up and it was a copy of a book by Blanche Ebbutt, which was first published in 1913 by A&C Black. The book’s title is ‘Don’ts for Husbands’.  I subsequently found it on […]
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This article has 6 points about buying a used car.  To learn more, check out this Money Crashers article about the benefits of buying a slightly used car.

And lastly, this video, which is a news clipping about some stolen sheep. Apparently it’s the thickest County Kerry accent imaginable.
Irish Farmers Lose Their Sheep, Mad Accent

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post of the Brontë sisters and their Little Books!😀

    • Your welcome. I thought it was delightful and am sorry it took me so long to share it.

      • Please don’t be sorry, I really appreciate you sharing this! Hope you have a lovely rest of the week! 😀

  2. Sometimes the reason for no reblog button is that what your reading was made into a page (like Home and About) rather than a post.

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