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Share Your Christmas Short Story – Winner

March 1, 2020

I have only read three stories, but found them delightful and wanted to share them.

Stevie Turner

Hi all,

I had several entries for the Christmas competition,  and I enjoyed reading them all.  I singled out Darlene Foster’s ‘The Bright Lights of Christmas‘ as a winner, which instead of fake commercialism, incorporates the true meaning of Christmas.

Congratulations, Darlene, here’s your laurel to display, and do I have your permission to post this story in the anthology I’ll compile in 2020?

Christmas story laurel

Don’t forget to check out these other great stories and poems below:

Richard Dee :  A Winter’s Tale

Times & Tides of a Beachwriter:  ‘I, Isabella’.

D.G Kaye:  What’s in Your Stocking?

Abbie Johnson Taylor:  Silent Night

Toritto:  Thoughts on Writing Out Christmas Cards

S R Bottch:  Today I Smell Gingerbread.  A Holiday Story

The next competition will be in February. 

I had a look through my most popular posts, and ‘Share Your Short Story’ and ‘Share…

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