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Clearing out the Dust in a Weary Soul

February 29, 2020

Sorry, I am posting this so late for Faith Filled Friday. I have had a rough day with pain. I hope you enjoy Heather’s post as much as I did. This was one I saved to read again. ~ Connie

Heather C. King - Room to Breathe

My son thinks dirt makes the best souvenir.

He grabs handfuls of it whenever he sees a pile of sand:  At the school   As we leave the beach.  Near the playground.

Sometimes I’m so busy hauling all of our supplies that I don’t notice right away.   He starts to  climb up into the minivan and that’s when I see it,  his small clamped fist holding his treasured dirt.

He has scooped up a clump of sand in a final effort to keep some of the fun going.  So,  it’s time to leave the beach or the park or the school or the zoo or wherever?  No problem.  He’ll just take some soil with him as a memento.




Dust really.   Just dust.

I don’t get it.  I’ve had kids carry home rocks and flowers and leaves.  I’ve even had daughters ask to transport tadpoles home in a pail…

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  1. Don’t worry about us. If you’re in pain, you must take care of yourself first!

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