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Questions of a Struthious Nature

February 23, 2020

I’m using an ostrich-like character in my story also, so I thought I would share this. They are fascinating creatures.

By April Dávila

The first question I get, when people learn the title of my debut novel, is usually some variation of “why ostriches?”

ostrich animal africa wild Photo by daniyal ghanavati on

Short answer: they’re fascinating, which, when I started this project, I didn’t even know. All I knew back then was that I wanted to tell a story set in the California desert. As an ecology major at Scripps College I’d fallen in love with the Mojave’s explosive sunrises, its defensive flora and hardy fauna.

The trouble was, my protagonist was based (loosely) on my mother and her experiences growing up on a dairy farm in the Sacramento valley.

After being assured by my mother that it would, under no circumstances, make sense to plunk a dairy farm in the Mojave, a fortuitous combination of search terms lead me to the OK Corral Ostrich Ranch, just sixty miles from my home…

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