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“THIS IS THE ARMY” conclusion

January 14, 2020

Pacific Paratrooper

After touring the English provinces, the company went to North Africa for two weeks and then sailed for Italy. This Is the Army was presented at the San Carlo Opera House in Naples in early April 1944. The group arrived in Rome by truck only six days after the Eternal City fell to the Allies. The musical was presented twice a day at the Royal Opera House in June.

Egypt was the next stop in early August, with This Is the Army being performed at the Cairo Opera House until the end of the month. September and October were spent in Iran. The company then traveled to the vast Pacific Theater, with New Guinea the first stop at the end of December 1944.

The company eventually landed at Guam in early August 1945, days before the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. A number of island-hopping stops followed, from…

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  1. Thank you. This was a fun 2-part series to do. There is a link to the restored movie on this post – should anyone care to see it.

  2. It seemed like it would have been fun to write. It was very interesting to read.

  3. Jacqui Murray permalink

    Really good post over at GP’s–and here!

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