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My Near-Death Experience And Other Things I Am Thankful For

January 3, 2020

Faith Filled Friday: We never know how or when we will pass from this life to the next. Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior? I am so thankful that I did. Heaven will be my new home when my time on earth is over. – Connie

Unshakable Hope

I didn’t plan to share this on my blog because it’s very personal. To date, I’ve only shared this Mary and a few others after a conversation about near-death experiences.

Before sharing my NDE, please let me tell you why I decided it was time to share this. I am very ill right now. What began as probably a common cold has evolved into something much worse, as it does so often in those with compromised immune systems. Other than typing a few emails, I haven’t been on my computer over the last ten days that I’ve been battling this. The hospice nurses have been coming to check on me regularly. Hospice is such a blessing. It looks like it might be an upper respiratory infection or possibly pneumonia. They put me on the same antibiotics that I was on last year when I was battling pneumonia. Needless to say…

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