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December 26, 2019

This is a beautifully written story.

Life Within Him

An incredible quiet clutched the newly created world as all of creation held its breath in expectation. I struggle to describe the sensation of being mere dust of the ground. I existed only in shapeless form, linked with earth and soil. My memories from the beginning incorporate mostly darkness and an impression of an endless void.

I was told it’s possible to remember certain things before the actual moment of your birth. My story is somewhat different. To be honest, it’s quite unbelievable, and I completely understand if you don’t accept it as truth. Trust me when I say the event is a challenge to put into words even now. It stretches the very comprehension and understanding of the word impossible.

I remember feeling, for lack of a better term, a sudden bright light all around me, and instantly the darkness vanished. An invisible force began to pull me forward…

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