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The but stops here

December 21, 2019

Life Within Him

There is a massive problem with Christianity today. It feels to me as if we have built walls around our beliefs when we should be completely open and accessible.

We immediately get mad, irritated, or defensive if a person shares something that contradicts what we believe.

We start shouting Bible scriptures and flog them with our judgmental whips. The sad part is, we do all of this while keeping the skeletons in our own closet locked away under a veil of darkness, where no one can ever see them.

What bothers me the most is the “but” mentality.

We have become a generation of Christians who can’t love others unless there are conditions. 

Love the sinner, BUT hate the sin. Of course, we hate sin, but why do we feel the need to state that every time we see someone doing wrong?

Why can’t we say love the sinner?


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