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10 Tips for Picture Book Writers

November 25, 2019


I have a wonderful efriend–Kath Unsworth–who writes and draws children’s books. She blogs at Miniscule Moments, her take on life and writing, with lots of her original drawings. I had the honor of being a beta reader on one of her children’s books and was blown away. The voice is excellent, the plot perfect for youngers, but what really made the book was the pictures. They were fresh, original, and communicated the written word perfectly.

Which is why I asked Kath to write a post in my Genre series on tips for writing picture books. You’re going to enjoy this article:

picture booksYou Are Never too Old to Learn Something New

I want to thank Jacqui for inviting me over. I am working on my first picture book and it has been an amazing journey of learning. You are never to old to learn. I should know, I am turning fifty…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I miss Kath’s presence in the blogosphere.

    • Your welcome. I found your article helpful because I wrote two children’s stories for friends and decided to publish them. At the book signing earlier this week, I met another local author who gave me the name of her illustrator. After Thanksgiving I plan to talk with her and hopefully have one short story headed to a publisher within a few months.

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