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How to stay awake at work

September 24, 2019

The question asked was: What are some ways to stay awake at work that does not require coffee or monster drinks?
I kept my ideas on the simple side with a touch of humor. Please share if you have any other ideas to add.

A lot depends on what kid of job you have. Drink more water. Staying adequately hydrated keeps your energy up. Do not skip breakfast or lunch. Food also helps to keep your energy going.

Keep your work area on the cool side. Warm air always makes us tire quicker than cool air does.

You can get up and walk around your desk. Stand up and stretch. Do some knee bends, arm circles, or shoulder rolls. Be careful not to hit any of your fellow employees.

Change your focus. If you are always staring at a computer screen or papers, look off into the distance for a few seconds or glance out a window. Do not stare so long that your boss thinks you are daydreaming.

You could sing or hum to yourself. Never sing or whistle out loud. Even if you are an opera star or a famous folk singer, someone will complain. My dentist has a fantastic voice and I love to hear him sing on the job. Maybe his voice calms others like it does me.

I will share my secret for when I worked in an office. I would go to the restroom and close my eyes for those few moments while I was alone in the cubicle. No one bothers you there. Do be careful that you do not fall asleep.

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