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Tramlining — something new every day

September 4, 2019

This was such an odd experience that I thought it worth re-blogging. I never heard of this before and fortunately have never had to deal with it.

Embrace Serendipity

tires_truecontactI have always tried to learn something new every day, but this “little something” has been a little unique.

This was the week that our 2 year old car went out of the mileage warranty.  No big deal. Coincidentally, the original equipment tires on the car have been looking pretty rough ( as in missing tread depth ) so we went to our usual tire store, a place that in the past has given us great service and decent pricing, to see what kind of skins might be available for our Subaru.

The dealer suggested Continental TrueContacts and indeed for what they are the reviews were consistently good and even though I have never ridden on Continentals I decided to give them a try.

grooved pavement a look at the grooved surface

What I was not ready for, happened the day after putting them on the car.

As you may know, the Upper…

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