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Betty’s Funeral Service

August 20, 2019

Monday afternoon, 8/19/19 at 3:00, I attended a dear friend’s funeral service. We had worked together a long time in Home Health.

It is hard to write about someone who I knew for so long, but never knew very well. We worked together but lived in different towns. Betty was very quiet and shy. Every one said that, including her pastor. She loved her family and her friends. I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. She came to my one and only book signing all those many years ago.

It was great to see my former co-workers and friends. Most of us got there a few minutes early to have time to chat. I lost my balance when made a misstep from the grass to the carpeted area. I was in the process of giving a friend a hug and nearly fell forward, taking her with me. Luckily, I caught myself and apologized. I do not think she understood my balance issues.

Betty Ann was a friend and caregiver of Betty Ann, the deceased. She gave a short speech about Betty’s life. When they were together Betty Ann explained they used her middle name. And Betty was just Betty, which is all I ever knew her by.

Betty knew Jesus as her Savior so she is in heaven with him now. I am certain she is having a blast. Betty Ann mentioned about the baby Betty lost when he was only six months old. He never made it out of the hospital, but now she was getting to see him again.

Some of the members of Bikers Against Bullies were there to carry her casket. The police escorted them and the hearse to the grave site. It was a small parade, but it was wonderful honor given to Betty. That reminded me of my grandfather’s funeral in West Virginia. I was little but I thought there was a hundred motorcycles creating a very long procession.

We sat under a canopy with a nearly constant breeze. As soon as it paused everyone complained about the heat. The funeral home gave out fans which was helpful. At the end of the service they gave out small bottles of water. Water is regenerating for me since developing myasthenia gravis. I hardly touched the stuff before then.

On the drive up to the service my hubby and I talked about the heat. I asked if the tent canopy was an extra charge. He thought it might be but wasn’t sure. I said I’d like to have one for my service. He commented, “Why? You won’t need it. You’re dead.”
“I want my mourners to be comfortable and happy.”
“They’re already happy. You’re gone.”
Why do I talk to him!

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