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Guest Post – It Was Hard To Keep The Good Times Rollin’ by GPCox

July 21, 2019

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

Today’s Guest Post from gpcox continues the theme of transportation started last month with information about cars and trucks. This post expands transportation to include the variety of ways to travel in the 1940’s. Settle back and enjoy a unique look at this period of our history.

"The Good Times" - 1939

Kurtz’s Gas Station – Arnold Gibson, Charlie Kurtz and Carl Wayne

filling up in Trumbull

Columnist Marquis Childs said after Pearl Harbor: “Nothing will ever be the same.”  Thirty-five years later he added: “It never has and never will be.”

Since it appears that many of our readers enjoyed the previous guest post concerning the auto industry during the World War II era, I decided to remain on that same train of thought this month. (Yes, the pun was intended.)  I managed to discover quite a lot of information.

We need to remember that in 1941 as much as 40% of U.S. families…

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  1. AH-HAH, look whose been searching into the Archives!! Judy asked me to do these posts years ago. I had a lot of fun reaching for them. Thank you!!

    • Actually, that one was from the bottom of my email list which I saved to reblog and never did! I have a bunch more from you and a few other friends. My bad! I deleted a bunch earlier today, but I still have 4 from 2017! Those are short stories I keep putting off reading.

  2. Good post. A lot of my original sources on WWII and the national cultures around it come from GP’s blog.

  3. quirkywritingcorner – Thank you for the re-Blog. This Slice of Life needs to be recognized and remembered.

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