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Faith Filled Friday: The Apostle John and Jesus

July 13, 2019

In the Friday morning woman’s Bible Study we are reading through the book of John. We are following the book, Exploring the Gospel of John, one of the books in the The John Phillips Commentary Series.

I do not always read the Preface or Forward pages in books, but I decided to this time. I was surprised how deeply the first three paragraphs of the Preface affected me. It is hard for me to picture John as an old man, yet it was easy for me to understand the depth of his feelings – his loneliness, sorrow, and loss for all those he had loved and had spent so much time with were now gone. John and Jesus were good friends as well as cousins. They shared a mutual love for each other. He got to see Jesus do many miracles.

I have copied those three paragraphs for you to read. You may not see or feel what I did, and still do every time I read them, but hopefully you will gain a better understanding of the apostle John and our Lord Jesus Christ. May you feel blessed, Connie

“His brother James was dead. Peter, the leading apostle to the Jews, was dead. Paul, the intrepid apostle to the gentile world, was dead. Thomas, Andrew, Philip, Nathanael, all the apostles, were dead – all except one. There in Ephesus lived a lonely old man, the first and the last of the apostles, the great apostle to the church. His name was John.

“He had lived through a marvelous time. In his days the Son of God had become the Son of man. He had been incarnated at Bethlehem, baptized in the Jordan, tempted and proved sinless in the wilderness. He had healed the sick, cleansed the leper, raised the dead. He had made the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the lame walk. He had turned water into wine, walked on the waves, fed hungry multitudes with a handful of bread. He had taught God’s truth in a pungent, memorable way. He had been love incarnate, God manifest in flesh. He had been betrayed, falsely accused, manhandled, mauled, crucified. He had been buried, but had risen in triumph from the tomb. He had ascended into heaven, and John had his sure word for it that he was coming back.

“All these memories lingered in John’s heart, in the innermost thoughts of this very old man. John was Jesus’ human cousin and for some three-and-a-half years his best friend. John knew the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ as did no other person on earth.”

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  1. Thank you for sharing these three paragraphs. I can see how they affected you.
    Have a beautiful weekend. God bless.

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