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What Does the Name Jesus Mean?

June 21, 2019

Enjoy this for your Faith Filled Friday.

The Way I See It

(Originally published at Web Network as part of the ‘Names of God’ series)

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I am a worship pastor, and I love studying the history of Christian music. Throughout the centuries, thousands upon thousands of songs have been written about our faith, and specifically about Jesus, our Savior and the Son of God whom we worship. Many of these songs are about the name of Jesus itself. We sing that there is power in the name of Jesus, that His is the Name above all names, that the name of Jesus is a beautiful name, a powerful name, and the only name strong enough to save. We pray in the name of Jesus, and we do good deeds in His name.

But what is it about the name of Jesus itself that is so special? What makes his name so unique, and what is it that makes his name stand…

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