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The Sled of Death

June 21, 2019

I enjoyed hearing this in Finnish and found it rather easy to follow. Delightful.

Yellingrosa Weblog

My tears are running
Like a stream in the river.
Once more the sled of
Death launched me
Back in life and yelled:
Don’t blame me:
If the destiny has
trampled you
© Yelling Rosa
27/5 -19

In English, the story is the same as in a Finnish version but I express it more abruptly, almost in a rude way. Luckily, I didn’t start to explain this verse though I didn’t immediately get its logic. Next day it was clear to me. Death is angry because it has been exploited. A human didn’t endure life. Of course, this is only my view. You might invent something else.

Kuoleman vaunut

Minun kyyneleeni juoksevat
kuin hengästynyt virta joessa.
Vielä kaatui kuoleman kelkka
mutkassa ja minut sinkosi
tykinkuulana taivaalle.
Perääni hihkaista ehti:
”Jos on elämä sinua
potkinut minua
älä syytä.”
© Yelling Rosa
27/5 –19



Minun kyyneleeni

My tears

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