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Someone just NOTICE

May 21, 2019

I loved this! I’d love get a thank you also.

Patricia Johns

Everyone in our home hates cleaning the bathroom. We only have one, though, so there isn’t really the option to allow one bathroom to go back to nature until someone else cleans it. We all share the same bathroom… and I, personally, have to use it.

So my bathroom cleaning schedule consists of two thorough cleans a week, but I have a problem. While I don’t mind doing the mid-week clean every week, I do require some form of thanks or expression of admiration. A little ooo-ing and aw-ing over the gleaming state of the bathroom really helps!

Now, when Mr. Johns is really riding high as a husband, he’ll notice the clean bathroom and say something.

“Honey, did you clean this? Wow. It looks great. Thank you.”

He earns a lot of brownie points for this.


When he’s distracted by work etc., he doesn’t notice, and he takes his…

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