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50th Wedding Anniversary

April 15, 2019

We started first thing this morning with celebrating a half century of marriage by going to Huddle House for breakfast. We took care of errands and headed home. We both took an afternoon nap. At four-thirty we went to the J. Peters restaurant in town. We had never eaten there, but several of my friends like their food. We decided to try it. The food was good and our waitress, Lynne, was sweet and attentive. My hubby wrote a lovely note on Facebook. The following is my poem to him. There are 50 lines, excluding title and author lines.

50 Years of Hugs and Holding Hands
by Connie Terpack

We started out simply holding hands
Soon kisses followed, too young to do more
I refused to give in to your seduction
until our fingers held our wedding bands

We were just kids in high school, when we met
I was impressed by your hands steepled in thought,
first two fingers tapping against your chin
Your deep blue eyes, not something I could forget

Hugs and kisses when we met and parted
Holding hands as we walked and talked
Even after all these many years
We are still as much in love as when we started

Being with you was like being on a love trip
Your loving touch sent sparks all through me
You held my hand with the birth of each son
Never frowning from my harsh “in labor” grip

Your hands always held mine firm and secure
I felt your love in your gentle touch
With your arms encircled around me
I never thought I needed anything more

Your hugs chased away my sorrow and tears
Our love has grown deeper and stronger
Loving you has not always been easy
but we’ve never stopped loving after all these years

I know your favorite brand of underwear
But I still don’t know your favorite color
We still have times we do not agree
But our love for each other is always there

It’s natural to hold hands and hug each other
Now and for all the years to come
Even though our youth has run its course
Our love remains strong for one another

People see us holding hands, “How sweet” they say
Now I need your hand and arms to hold me steady
Hugs always give great pleasure and comfort
All through the years, each and every day.

It was easy to keep our vow to have and to hold
Maybe our vows should have said to hug and to kiss
You even kissed me in church one time
I was a little surprised that you would be so bold

For 50 years it has become a habit – a habit of love
We hug anytime and many times during the day
I’m looking forward to holding Jesus’ hand
And being with Him and you in heaven above

Your love is easy to feel in your words and touch
Letting our timeless love forever shine through
We still enjoy our kisses and hugs
I doubt that we will ever feel we have had enough

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary
As always, all my love

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  1. Congratulations to you and your husband on your achievement. Your poem is lovely.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both, Connie! 😀 A heartwarming tribute to your 50 years of marriage!

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